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L Cork Roadbed | Scale Cork Roadbed
  • L Cork Roadbed | Scale Cork Roadbed
  • L Cork Roadbed | Scale Cork Roadbed

L Cork Roadbed


    L Scale Cork Roadbed - Pack x6

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    L Scale Cork Roadbed

    Whether you're a seasoned model railway enthusiast or a newcomer to the craft, the Cork Model Railway Roadbed is designed to cater to your needs. Its user-friendly nature and versatility make it an essential tool for modelers aiming to achieve excellence in their layouts. Upgrade your layout by adding some texture pastesstatic grasscork sheets, or modeling glue to the trackbeds. Don't forget our hobby plaster rolls to help you to build the mountains and landscapes, as well as to reinforce all the structures that you can include such as bridges, tunnels, rocky areas, and even rivers.

    Elevate your Railroading project with Green Stuff World's products. This premium pack ensures realistic terrain and smooth tracks. Ideal for meticulous modelers. Economical and practical for both small and extensive layouts. Discover the ultimate solution for your Scale Model Railroading terrain needs with Green Stuff World's Scale Model Railway Roadbed, they are an indispensable addition to your Railroading project.

    Key Features

    • Realistic Terrain: Elevate the authenticity of the diorama thanks to its natural texture that mimics the ruggedness of actual ballast terrain, bringing life to your layout.
    • Smooth Tracks: Achieve flawless tracklaying. The Cork Underlay for Model Railways provides a stable and even foundation, ensuring seamless track connections and reducing vibrations.
    • Easy Customization: Craft with convenience. They can be effortlessly cut and shaped to fit the contours of your layout, allowing for versatile and creative design possibilities.
    • Durable and Lightweight: Enjoy durability without weight. This material strikes the perfect balance, offering sturdiness while keeping your layout manageable.


    Content: 6 track bed strips
    Thickness: 5mm
    Width: 60mm/70mm
    Length: 250mm (10 inches)
    Compatibility: 1:38-1:35

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    L Cork Roadbed

    L Cork Roadbed

    L Scale Cork Roadbed - Pack x6

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