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What are Inu Kingdoms?

After years of proven quality and ingenuity, Inu Kingdom is the new line of fantasy miniatures and busts for painters and collectors from the Polish company NEKO GALAXY. This new line of busts and figures was released in May 2022 through a successful Kickstarter.

None of their creations include the wooden plinths, which can be purchased on the Green Stuff World website.

What are Inu kingdoms based on?

Inu Kingdoms is based on a completely new fantasy world within the dark worlds of INU where characters, usually female and of various species, mix elements ranging from horror to a post-apocalyptic environment, providing a grim backdrop for all its characters.

Inu Kingdoms

How have the Inu Kingdoms Figures been made?

Several professionals from all over the world have conceptualized, sculpted, produced, and painted the bust and miniatures. As part of the SciFi line NEKO GALAXY, teamed up with the most talented Miniature Artists and Production Experts to create a product of the highest quality.

Their Quality control ensures that you are receiving a flawless product that has been made with a lot of love, care, and attention to detail. Moreover, we believe that artists and artisans should be treated as we would like to be treated ourselves, completely transparently and fairly.

Besides, as they have worked with Micro Art Studio on their production, we can assure the highest quality available and timely delivery.

Who painted the Box arts from Inu Kingdoms?

The artists involved in the original box art are Michał Pisarski, Aythami Alonso Torrent, Arnau Lazaro, David Colwell, Kat Martin, David Arroba, Natalia Oracz, Ben Komets, William Brightley

Why do modelers buy bust and collection figures?

  • Modelers and collectors buy busts and collectible figures for various reasons, including:
  • Display: These figures make great display pieces and can be displayed on shelves, desks, or in cabinets to showcase their collection.
  • Nostalgia: For fans of a particular franchise, owning a bust or figure of their favorite character can be a nostalgic experience and a way to relive fond memories.
  • Artistic value: Many collectible figures are intricately detailed and well-made, making them a form of art in their own right.
  • Collectability: Collectible figures are often limited edition or rare, making them a valuable addition to a collection and a good investment for those who are looking to build a collection over time.
  • Fan appreciation: For fans of a particular franchise, owning a bust or figure of their favorite character is a way to show their appreciation for the franchise and the characters they love.

Other bust and collection figure manufacturers:

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