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Basing Sets

Basing Sets

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Basing Sets

Sets of materials that include different types of vegetation, paints, and other textured materials, that are used to create bases for miniatures and scale models. They usually include materials such as sand, effects, pigments, static grass flock, and other textured materials, as well as components such as rocks, tree stumps, and other small scenic elements. These materials are used to create a base that complements the miniature or model being displayed, providing a realistic and immersive environment for the piece to be showcased.

The process of making bases for miniatures often involves using a variety of techniques, such as gluing, painting, and dry-brushing, to achieve a natural and visually appealing look.

How to use a Basing Set

Good scenery-basing sets include instructions for use as well as examples of how to achieve quality bases and bases with little effort.

  1. Choose the appropriate one for your miniature taking into account the environment you want to create, the scale of the miniature, and any other details you want to include in the base.
  2. Prepare the base of the miniature. This may involve removing any mold lines, sanding down rough edges, or filling in gaps with putty or other modeling materials.
  3. Apply a base layer of texture to the base. This can be done with PVA glue and sand, gravel, or other textured materials. Apply the PVA glue in small sections and sprinkle the textured material over it. Shake off any excess and let it dry completely.
  4. Add additional layers of texture as desired. This can include static grass, flock, small rocks, or other elements that will enhance the realism.
  5. Paint the base. Use a variety of colors and techniques to achieve a natural look. Dry brushing can be especially effective for creating a weathered or worn appearance.
  6. Glue any additional scenic elements in place. This can include tree stumps, rocks, or other small items that will add interest and depth.
  7. Finally, attach the miniature using instant glue or other adhesives to secure the miniature, making sure it is centered and stable.

Overall, creating bases with a basing set is a creative and enjoyable process. Experiment with different textures, colors, and techniques to achieve the desired result. With practice and patience, you can create a base that enhances the overall visual impact of your miniature.