(1) Introduction

Please read these terms of sale carefully, as you will be asked to expressly accept them before placing an order in our online store.

(2) Purchase process

The mere advertisement of products for sale on GREEN STUFF WORLD constitutes an invitation to purchase, and only upon confirmation and final payment of an order will it constitute a contractual offer. No order will be valid until it is accepted, in accordance with the conditions set out below.

1.- All the users will have to register in the system to be able to buy.

2.- The users will have to choose a way of shipment of the order among those that the system will facilitate. If there are doubts about its operation, guarantees or any other question, please check the Delivery Information and Returns section.

3.- After confirming and agreeing to the terms of sale, you will be offered three possible payment methods: bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. If you choose bank transfer as payment method, the purchase process will be completed and you will receive an order confirmation email with the bank account number where to make the transfer. Until the payment has not been received in the indicated bank account, the order will not be shipped. If the chosen payment method is by credit card, the customer will be redirected to our bank's secure payment system. Finally, if the chosen payment method is PayPal, the system will send you directly to the PayPal website to proceed with the payment.

4.- The buyer will automatically receive a confirmation email with the order details.

5.- The buyer will be able to check the status of his orders through the web.

6.- Since we may update the terms of sale at any time and without notice, we inform you that we will not keep a copy of these, so we recommend that you retain a downloaded or printed copy of these terms for your records and further consultation.

The only languages in which these terms of sale will be made available will be the languages available on the website.

(3) Products

Paints, putties, clays for painting, modeling, sculpting, as well as a varied selection of tools related to modeling and sculpting in general.

(4) Prices and payments

The prices of the products are indicated on the website itself. Given that the website may contain a large number of products, it could be that sometime a price of an erroneous product is published. We verify the prices as part of the sales process, so if any price is erroneously indicated, we will proceed to cancel the order and refund the amount of the payment if it has already been made.

Payment for the goods must be received prior to shipment of the goods, depending on the method of payment chosen by the buyer. We may delay shipment or cancel the order, and thus the contract between the parties, if the amount is not received in full.

(4 Bis) Taxes

All prices on the website include value added taxes, where applicable.

The prices of the products may be updated without prior notice. However, changes will not affect current orders.

(5) Buyer's Declarations

The buyer declares that:

- He is legally capable of entering into contractual relations, as well as having full legal authority and capacity to accept the terms of sale of the present contract. The information provided in the order is accurate and complete, including details of the shipping address.

- You are capable of receiving the order at the address provided.

- You are of legal age, as it is impossible for us to guarantee the use that will be made of the products offered through the website, and the fact that some of them could be dangerous if ingested or used improperly. GREEN STUFF WORLD will not sell products to minors under 18 years of age. Acceptance of these conditions implies that the buyer is of legal age.

(6) Shipping Policy

GREEN STUFF WORLD will arrange for the products to be shipped to the address indicated during the purchase process, according to the type of transport indicated. The address must be correct, as we will NOT be responsible for any loss due to an incomplete address.

Unless there is an error, we will have all products in stock, which will be shipped according to the chosen shipping method as soon as possible. The estimated delivery times of the products are indicated in the Delivery Information and Returns section of our website. Please contact us if you have any doubts.

For production reasons, GREEN STUFF WORLD reserves the right to increase order processing times in periods of high demand, both punctual and seasonal, such as Christmas, Black Friday or any other that may arise for any other reason. If the order will be delayed more than 15 working days, we will notify by email about this situation to offer a solution. However, the Support Department will be able to answer your queries at any time.

The delivery times for pre-order items will be announced on the item itself, and could be increased if necessary due to over-demand.

If we were to be charged any extra cost by the chosen carrier due to problems in delivering the shipment, the buyer accepts that this cost will be passed on as a major part of the shipping cost. If the order is returned to origin and the cancellation of the order is requested, the costs paid related to the shipment will not be refunded.

Orders sent and not received cannot be claimed until after 20 days for domestic orders and 45 days for international orders. After this period of time, the incident must be communicated to claim the package.

If the shipment is returned to its origin, it may be reshipped upon payment of the transportation costs again.

(7) Risks and property

The ownership of the purchased products will be transferred to the purchasing party from the moment they are placed in the hands of the carrier chosen by the purchaser, provided that full payment of the sums corresponding to the order, the cost of the chosen transport, as well as other charges that may arise during transport or import have been received.

In case of failure to comply with the above conditions regarding the transfer of ownership of the purchased products, GREEN STUFF WORLD shall be entitled to recover the ownership of such goods.

(8) Rights established by Law

Nothing in these terms of sale shall affect any statutory rights. The Purchaser is subject to the laws and jurisdiction of Spain.

(9) Returns

Please read the Delivery Information and Returns section of our website for more information on the process.

(10) Vouchers and discount coupons

Unless otherwise specified, all vouchers and coupons are limited to one user and one voucher or coupon per order.

GREEN STUFF WORLD reserves all rights to cancel, modify or annul the points generated under the loyalty points system. The points generated by this system can never be transferred between accounts, nor can they be exchanged for cash. Their value in these cases will be null and void.

(11) Partial shipments

We will always try to have all products in stock for immediate shipment. However, if a shipment cannot be completed and any product will take some time to be received, GREEN STUFF WORLD may cancel and refund the amount corresponding to the part not shipped.


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