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Lightboxes for photography

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What is a lightbox for photography?

It is used to create a uniform and evenly lit surface for photographing small objects so it is an essential tool for anyone looking to capture high-quality product images that are visually appealing and help to show or sell their products.

A photo light box consists of a square frame covered with translucent material that has an embedded light source that creates an optimal space for photography inside. The light source is LED lights that provide bright, even illumination throughout the entire photographic surface or space.

The translucent material diffuses the lightning from the LEDs, creating a soft and even illumination that helps to eliminate harsh shadows and reduce glare. This results in a clean, professional-looking image that accurately showcases the product being photographed.

What is a lightbox used for?

It is used in product photography, where it is important to highlight the details and textures of a product in a way that is visually appealing to potential customers.

This product allows hobbyists to see fine details and subtle color variations in their work when painting with acrylic paints, which can be difficult to discern under regular lighting conditions. This can help them to identify areas that need improvement and make precise adjustments to their work.

Lightboxes for photography come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of products and shooting situations. Always look for the ones that include dimmers and more than 1 light source, just like the Green Stuff World versions, as they will avoid shadows. They can be collapsible and portable, making them easy to transport to different locations, or they can be more permanent fixtures in a studio setting.

It can be combined with a Rotating Display Stand that will help your miniatures move while you take pictures of them. It is also highly recommended the use Maxx Darth™ ultra black photo backgrounds and backdrops that will allow obtaining high contrast photographs.

Overall, a lightbox for miniatures and modeling can be a valuable tool for anyone looking to take their hobby to the next level and create more detailed and high-quality work. 

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How to use a light box for miniatures?

The Green Stuff World lightbox for photography is designed to take quality photographs of any miniature. It is suitable for both professionals and people who are just starting in the world of photography, so it is quite simple to use.

The first step to be able to use these lightboxes for photo is to assemble them, as they can be folded for easy transport. They are made of lightweight white plastic, which is durable and evenly distributes the light from the LED strips integrated into the top. All you have to do is assemble the cube by fitting its sides together, it takes no more than a minute. Then connect the cables to the LED strips and these, in turn, to a power supply. Their connector is USB, so they can be connected to a portable battery or computer, as well as to the wall with an adapter like the one for a cell phone. 

The light cube will be fully illuminated. Before inserting the object, choose the best background for the photograph, usually black or white. Insert the figure and adjust the brightness of the LED strips depending on the needs of each photograph. 

Next, set up the camera properly to capture the miniature with the highest quality. It is best to have a professional camera, but good results can be obtained with a smartphone with "manual" or "professional" camera mode, where you can adjust the camera parameters. One of the most important is to set the aperture to 8 (F8) and not to use a wide-angle lens.

How to set up lightbox?

The setup of the Green Stuff World light box for miniatures  is very intuitive and ready to use in a few minutes. 

  1. On a flat, firm surface, remove the product components from the box. 
  2. Take the disassembled plastic cube and begin to lift up the sides and join them together using the Velcro tabs that have been installed on each side for this purpose.
  3. Connect the LED strips. To do this, you will need the two micro USB cables and the two USB cables with dimmer, included with the product. Choose where to plug them in: to a computer, to a portable battery, to a plug by adding an adapter, etc. 
  4. Set the background of your choice for your photo. They include the most common photo lightbox backgrounds, black and white. 
  5. Place your miniature in the center of the lightbox for photography and look for the best framing with your camera. Remember that you can choose between taking a picture from the open side or from the upper circular opening.
  6. All that remains is to adjust the lighting with the control device attached to the cables and shoot the picture.

Where to buy a lightbox for photography?

Many stores have this product in their catalogs, but not all of them are of high quality. Before buying a photography light boxes for photography, make sure that the materials it is made of are durable and easy to handle, so that you can work with the photo lightbox comfortably for as long as possible.

For photographing miniatures and dioramas, the best lightboxes are from Green Stuff World. It is made of durable white plastic. In addition, it is lightweight and foldable, so it can be transported after disassembly in less than 5 minutes. 

It is worth mentioning that we have two models of light boxes for photography in which only their measurements change so that every artist can photograph their creations, regardless of their size. The dimensions of the standard lightbox studio for miniatures are 21x21x21cm; those of the XXL, 31x31x30 cm.