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Ember Miniatures

Ember Miniatures

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What is Ember Miniatures?

Designer and manufacturer of busts and collector figures of Spanish origin that has been working on this brand since 2014 and was finally founded in 2022 by former employees and designers of the company Nocturna Models. They went to market in the Kickstarter format, which was fulfilled in just 2 hours. 

Their figures and busts are produced in Spain in polyurethane resin, sold unpainted and unassembled, and stand out for their high level of detail and quality of finish. 

What is the first Ember Miniatures series?

The first series of figures that were released with unequaled success at the end of 2022, was the Symphony of Seasons series which included 4 miniatures of 75mm with base and 4 busts, of the same 4 figures, that captured their particular vision of the sounds and music that represent the 4 seasons of the year: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. 

Who has collaborated to make this project a reality?

Sara Suárez as the main illustrator, Sara Salmanpour as the main 3D sculptor, and Óscar Rodríguez as the director of the project.

Also, we have worked and collaborated in different ways with well-known painters such as Arnau Lázaro, Alfonso Giraldes, Jaime de Garnica, Alejandro Prieto, David Arroba, Iguazzu Studio, and Craftworld Studio.

Where to buy Ember Miniatures figures and busts?

Green Stuff World acquired the exclusive distribution rights for this young company with great potential. Currently, all busts and collector figures can be purchased on the Green Stuff World website. 

ember miniatures

ember miniatures