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What are the Age of Sigmar Bases?

The Age of Sigmar bases are one of the most important parts of the miniatures and figures of the wargame game called Age of Sigmar developed by Games Workshop. Although sometimes they are not given the attention they should be, the truth is that an army of miniatures with well-crafted and painted bases can make a very clear difference between an unfinished army and a true work of art.

They are bought 'standard flats' and then decorated according to the environment in which they are going to be used and with the miniature to which they belong. Acrylic paints, textured pastes, and pigments are used to provide realism that, depending on the type of paint, could be decorated with an airbrush.

Where to buy good quality AOS bases?

At Green Stuff World we have a large stock of bases of all sizes, some of them multiple for your most elaborate figures and miniatures. We ship to various countries around the world, such as those you can find in a list at this link.

We are specialists in modeling, miniatures, and figures for wargames, so in our online store, you can find everything you need to carry out this very special art. Within our selection of Age of Sigmar Bases, you have different sizes, shapes, and materials, so you can find the one that best suits your needs and those of your miniatures.

How do you know which AOS base to choose?

If you have just become a fan of wargame miniatures and modeling, and more specifically the Age of Sigmar game from Games Workshop, it is possible that you are not very clear about what type or what size of it you should choose. Normally it should be indicated on the box of the miniature itself, but if you are using miniatures from other brands, or if you are printing the miniatures, you will need an AOS base size guide to be able to choose the most suitable one.

They are divided into round and oval. The oval ones are almost exclusive to this game WH-AOS and have very characteristic sizes. The most common round ones would be 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 130mm, and 160mm, and the most used oval ones would be 60x35mm, 75x42mm, 90x52mm, 105x70mm, 90x120mm, and 170x105mm.

Age of Sigmar Movement Trays

The Age of Sigmar Movement Trays are used to be able to move large units all together at the same time, maintaining the formations and the distances among them. There are 2 types of movement trays, the normal ones and the slim-fit trays that have much thinner profiles, maximizing the proximity between the figures of each unit and thus optimizing attacks.

How does the size of the figure on the base affect the choice?

The size of the figure or the miniature is an essential aspect that you must take into account so that it matches the size of the base. A base that is too large or too small can visually spoil a job well done. The best thing is that you measure the miniature well and try it on different sizes so that you can decide which one would look better.

If you have very large or very heavy figures, you could consider adding some heavy elements attached, such as stones or coins that can compensate for the global weight and prevent them from tipping over. There is also a relationship between the size of the figure and the type of neodymium magnet to use in each case. Logically, the larger the figure, the larger the magnet to be used.

How to measure distances in AOS?

In the game, WHAOS the distances are measured from the edge to the edge of the other base.

Actually, size or shape isn't very important in most AOS games, and technically you could use whatever size and shape you prefer, but in so-called "Fair Play" games you're looking for combat and matchups as much balanced as possible, having similar figures with different sized bases, this can be a big source of problems, so if this is your play style you will have no choice but to change and upgrade them, especially if you still have old armies on from Warhammer fantasy.

Different types of Age of Sigmar bases

As a general rule, they are usually flat on top, unless you have printed them or bought them with details already added. The flat ones are usually worked by adding other glued elements such as cork crumbs, foamed PVC, textured plasticard, decorations, or textures made with putty, sand, and even electrostatic grass. You can buy Warhammer bits or complete 3D-printed bases that will give a very personal touch.

They usually have a straight or beveled edge. The straight-edge ones are normally manufactured through laser cutting systems, and the beveled-edge ones are usually made of resin or plastic. You decide what type of base will best fit each of your Warhammer armies.

Enter our online store and take a look at all the Age of Sigmar bases we have, transparent, black, oval, and much more. You will surely find the right one!