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Chrome paints for modelling

These chrome paints are composed of chemicals that, when applied to the surface, create a liquid silver appearance or mirror effect, with a very peculiar shine that simulates a metallic reflection. None of the acrylic-based formulations is good for this type of paint effect because they are unable to get the right mirror reflection and therefore are always recommended for the alcohol base versions.

There are 2 possible formulations in alcohol version formulas: 

  1. Brush version which is valid for either paintbrush or airbrush and also valid for all types of surfaces. No needs priming and needs more time of drying.
  2. The Airbrush version is only valid for airbrush painting, but it is much more resistant than the paintbrush version. Really needs a gloss black priming to be applied. 


Where to buy it?

Currently, the 2 possible formulations are available in both mirror silver and other colours such as gold, bronze, copper and tin.

Our paint is the perfect way to add a gleaming touch of realism to your models and miniatures. Our chrome paints are highly pigmented and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including plastic, metal, and resin. With just a few simple steps, you can add a realistic finish to your models that will make them truly stand out from the crowd.

Liquid mirror paint

Liquid mirror paint refers to a type of reflective coating that creates a smooth, mirror-like surface when chrome paint is applied to a surface. It is made up of a suspension of tiny, reflective particles in a liquid base and is commonly used for DIY, craft, and scale model projects or to create custom mirrors. When applied to a surface and allowed to dry, the liquid mirror paint evaporates, leaving behind the reflective particles, which bond together to form a continuous, reflective surface. The resulting surface is highly reflective and durable, but may not be as clear or distortion-free as traditional glass mirrors.

Mirror paint for modelling

Modelling can become an exciting adventure in which we can give shape and colour to our figures to turn them into unique and exclusive pieces. Metallic paints are an essential element for this purpose. There are different ones to choose from, each of them designed to achieve a different effect. One of the most difficult finishes to replicate is plating, but for which there are quality paints that can achieve it. 

It is true that many miniature kits come with mirror pieces that we can use, but what if they are not enough for the scenario we want to create? While it is true that there are companies that paint figures and can do it in a realistic and professional way, is there any more satisfying than doing it yourself? With this paints you can do it yourself. 

Can I paint over without losing the effect?

This is really complicated and tricky. In reality, almost anything you can put on top of a mirror will affect the reflection of the mirror itself, even a clear varnish. The best thing to do is not to put anything on it or to use paint that already has that colour. 

If you really need to protect a mirror finish, you should airbrush over it using very short sprays and let it dry using them with a lot of transparency. 

How to paint chrome parts?

To paint any miniature or piece, a previous preparation is required, but much more with this product. Where to start?

  1. Black primer. This is a very important point, as it will allow the paint to adhere and give the best result. This is only necessary with the chrome airbrush paint version. The primer must be completely dry, which happens depending on the temperature about 4-8 hours after application.  
  2. If you are going to use the paint with a brush, it is best to paint with a large amount of paint, trying not to drag the paint with your own brush hairs so as not to leave marks.
  3. If you want a chrome colour different from silver, always try to use one that already has that colour. If this is not possible, you can try Candy transparent inks which, if applied in very short sprays, may colour without losing too much of the mirror effect.
  4. Let one coat dry before applying the other. Paint as many times as you think necessary. 

Paint your project with high-quality, durable chrome paints that will make it shine. This type of paint is perfect for creating a realistic, shiny finish on your models and dioramas. Choose from a wide range of colours to get the perfect look for your project.