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What is Brown Stuff? 

Brown Stuff is a bi-component epoxy putty that hardens at room temperature. It is similar to Green Stuff, but it sets slightly harder and remains more malleable. This makes it a little easier to work with for beginners, and its thicker consistency allows for greater control when shaping and sculpting.

One of the key benefits of Brown Stuff is that it cures very hard, making it ideal for finer details such as sharp tips, points, weapon blades, armours, and other hard-line details. This allows you to create highly detailed and accurate models and figures, with the added durability and strength of hard epoxy putty.

It is a versatile material that is often used by modelers and hobbyists to fill gaps, join parts of figures, and create conversions and modifications. It can also be used for sculpting miniatures, and it can be mixed with other putties to vary the carving and working texture, as well as the final hardness. It can be easily painted with acrylic paints and other hobby paints.

Where to buy Brown Stuff

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How long does it take to dry

After mixing, you have 1 hour and a half to work on molding and sculpting, achieving total drying and therefore maximum hardness after 24 hours. The putty gradually loses its stickiness as it dries, which means that 10-15 minutes after mixing, it is easier to work with because it will have lost some of its tackiness. 

Once the putty is applied to your model or figure, you should allow it to dry for at least 30 minutes before handling it or adding any additional layers. This will give the putty enough time to lose some of its stickiness and become easier to work with. 

If you are working on a larger or more complex project, it may be necessary to let the putty dry for several hours or even overnight before continuing. This will allow the putty to achieve maximum hardness and ensure that it is completely dry before you add any additional layers or details.

By following these guidelines, you can help ensure that your putty dries properly and provides the best possible results for your modeling and wargaming projects. Whether you are using Brown Stuff or Green Stuff, allowing the putty enough time to dry is essential for achieving the desired hardness, stability, and durability.

Mix of Brown Stuff and Green Stuff putty

Brown stuff putty and green stuff putty are two different types of modeling putty, used to fill in gaps, smooth out surfaces, and make small repairs to models and miniatures. Epoxy modeling putties are often used by hobbyists and artists who create models or figurines, and it is available in a variety of colors to match the color of the model or to create different effects. Mixing brown and green putty together would not only create a new color, depending on the proportions of the two putties used, but it will give you a mix of properties of both putties. that will be different from those of the individual putties.

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