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Metallic Acrylic Paints

Metallic Acrylic Paints

Metallic Acrylic Paints

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Metallic paints for scale modelling

Metallic acrylic paints are a popular choice for painting model kits and miniatures because they provide a very realistic metallic finish and are easy to work with. They can be thinned with water and your brushes can be cleaned with soap and water, making them a convenient choice for beginners and experienced modellers alike.

When using metallic acrylic paint, it is important to shake the can well before use to ensure that the metallic pigments are thoroughly mixed with the paint. The use of mixing balls is very helpful in performing this function. You can also mix metallic paints with other transparent acrylic inks to create custom metallic shades, especially if you start with a white metallic colour such as Mystic White.

For best results when painting with metallic acrylic paints, it is always best to start painting on a black base colour, use a good quality brush and apply several thin coats rather than trying to cover everything in one coat. This will avoid drips and brush marks and give a smoother, more even finish.

It is also a good idea to allow each coat of paint to dry completely before applying the next, as this will help prevent the paint from smudging or lifting from the surface.

Overall, metallic acrylic paint is a versatile and easy-to-use option for adding a metallic finish to models and miniatures.

What are metallic paints?

They are a type of paint that can be made with acrylic, alcohol and enamel mediums, and can contain different metallic pigments, which give it a shiny and reflective finish. These pigments can be made of various materials, such as aluminium, bronze, copper and other metals. Pearlescent pigments of natural or even synthetic origin are also available but offer less coverage.

They are often used to give a decorative touch to model surfaces, dioramas, wargame miniatures, RC vehicles, or even nativity scenes. They can also be used for various art, craft and craft projects.

They are available in various colours, such as silver, gold, copper and bronze. They can be applied by brush and airbrush, and are often used over a base coat of black paint.

Thanks to this type of paint we can create aluminium surfaces, iron, model aeroplanes and much more. It all depends on how far your imagination takes you. 

Differences between metallic and chrome paints

Many people confuse metallic with chrome paints. The base of any of the metallic paint versions is the metal effect, but they are made with different pigments and mediums that generate different metallic finishes. Among them, we can find red, green, blue, turquoise, purple or gold, among others. 

While chrome paints offer a uniform mirror effect in the finish, metallic paints create a metallic effect, but with reflections in various shades that blend with the base colour. 

Interference Metallic Filters

With the Interference metallic filters from the Green Stuff World range, you can create transparent acrylic filters to metallise any base colour of a figure, creating a double colour effect. 

It is possible to apply them on normal non-metallic base colours, as well as on other metallic colours, or even chameleon colourshift colours to modify the changing colours. Experiment while having fun with different colours and shades to achieve amazing results. 

In our shop, we have a wide variety of acrylic paints or filters for you to create figures, miniatures and scenarios that define you. Everything you need for your modelling sessions, you have on our website, quality and at the best price.