Maxx Formula Acrylics are a type of high-quality Water-based acrylic paint manufactured by Green Stuff World and they are considered one of the best acrylic paints in the market. They have been specifically formulated to provide excellent coverage, vibrant colors, and superior adhesion to a wide range of surfaces. They are suitable for use in a variety of applications, including painting miniatures, models, and other hobby projects.

The Maxx Formula colors are made using a unique blend of pigments, binders, and other ingredients that provide superior performance and durability. The formula is designed to provide a smooth, consistent finish that is easy to apply and dries quickly. The result is a high-quality product that provides excellent coverage and color saturation, even when applied to difficult surfaces.

The pigments used are of high quality with excellent coverage, providing bright, bold colors that are fade-resistant and long-lasting. This means that your painted projects will look great for years to come, without fading or losing their vibrancy.

Maxx Formula Paints are also easy to work with, thanks to their smooth consistency and excellent adhesion. They are easy to apply using a brush, sponge, or airbrush, and can be thinned with water or other thinners to achieve the desired consistency. They also dry quickly, which means you can apply multiple coats in a short time.

Maxx Formula Color Range

When it comes to figure painting and creating stunning miniatures, choosing the right colors is crucial. Green Stuff World has long been a reputable name in the miniature painting community, and their newly formulated Maxx Formula acrylic paints are taking the industry by storm. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, they offer exceptional quality, versatility, and an extensive color range to bring your miniature creations to life.

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Green Stuff World's Maxx Formula paints boast exceptional pigmentation, allowing for smooth and vibrant colors on your miniatures. With their new formulation, these acrylics offer intense hues that enhance the details of your figures. From rich metallics to deep and realistic flesh tones, the extensive color range ensures that you can find the perfect shade for every element of your miniature.


Unparalleled Versatility and Coverage

One of their standout features is their versatility. Whether you're working on a small-scale figure or a larger model, they provide excellent coverage. Their consistency strikes a perfect balance, allowing for easy application with a brush or an airbrush. They adhere smoothly to various surfaces, including plastic, metal, and resin, giving you the freedom to paint different types of miniatures without compromising quality.

Long-lasting and Fade-resistant

Green Stuff World understands the importance of preserving the quality of your painted miniatures. they have been formulated to be long-lasting and fade-resistant. This ensures that your painstakingly painted figures retain their vibrant colors and details for years to come. Whether you're displaying your miniatures or using them in gaming sessions, you can trust that the colors will remain vivid and true, even with regular handling and exposure to light.

User-friendly and Easy to Work With

Figure painters of all skill levels will appreciate the user-friendly nature of Green Stuff World's Maxx Formula paints. These acrylic colors have a smooth consistency, making them easy to mix and blend. Whether you're layering colors, applying washes, or highlighting details, the paints respond beautifully to different techniques. The controlled drying time allows for precise work, ensuring that you have ample time to achieve the desired effects. Additionally, they are water-based, making cleanup a breeze. Simply rinse your brushes with water, and you're ready for your next painting session.

Acrylic Paints to Unleash Your Creativity

These acrylic paints offer more than just exceptional pigmentation and versatility; they provide a flawless matte finish that enhances the overall look and realism of your painted miniatures. The superior matte finish achieved with these colors adds depth, reduces glare, and brings out the intricate details of your figures. With their consistency, control, compatibility, and versatility, they are a go-to choice for figure painters looking to achieve a stunning matte finish. Elevate your painting projects with Green Stuff World's Maxx Formula paints and experience the transformative power of a flawless matte surface on your miniatures.

Maxx Formula