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Static Grass Applicator

Static Grass Applicator

Static grass applicator
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What is a Static Grass Applicator?

Flocking and static grass applicators are tools that are used to add realistic grass and vegetation to scale models, dioramas, and other hobby projects, and this way, creating realistic landscapes and many sorts of outdoor scenes. They can be especially useful for adding texture and detail to the surfaces of your projects and can help to bring your creations to life.

Flocking involves using a special adhesive, such as Tuft glue, to attach fibers (usually made of synthetic static materials) to a surface to create the appearance of the lawn, fur, or other textured surfaces. Nevertheless, PVA glue may also work with worse performance. The best static grass applicator must use an electrical charge to apply fibers to a surface, creating a more realistic and lifelike appearance.

To use a flocking machine, you will typically apply the adhesive to the surface where you want the lawn to be placed, then use the tool to apply the fibers over the adhesive. The static grass fibers will adhere vertically, remaining in a vertical position thanks to static electricity creating a lawn-like texture.

Types of flock machines:

What is a Grass Applicator Box?

A grass Applicator Box is a tool with the shape of a box that is used to create tufts of lawn and shrubs. The difference with the Portable applicator tools is that all lawn fibers will remain within a box instead of flying around the entire room. Besides, the item to be flocked must be able to fit inside the flocking box.

It also works by using an electrical charge to force lawn-like fibers to fly toward a metal surface with opposite polarity.

grass flock applicator

What are flocking machines used for?

Grass flock tools are commonly used in a variety of industries, including:

  • Model making: They are often used to add texture and detail to scale models, dioramas, and other hobby projects.
  • Textile manufacturing: They are used to add a soft, velvety texture to fabrics, such as velvet or corduroy.
  • Automotive: They are used to apply a textured finish to the dashboard and other interior surfaces of automobiles.
  • Packaging: They are used to apply a textured finish to the inside of the packaging, such as boxes and containers, to protect and cushion the contents.
  • Medical: They are used to apply a textured finish to medical instruments and devices, such as scalpels and forceps, to improve grip and handling.

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