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What are Warhammer Resin Bits? 

Resin bits or bits for Warhammer 40k are small, detailed components made from resin that is commonly used in wargame miniature and scale model conversions. They are often sold separately from complete kits and are designed to provide additional customization options for hobbyists and collectors. Resin bits come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and themes, allowing enthusiasts to enhance and personalize their Warhammer miniatures and other models.

When it comes to converting Wargame miniatures, resin bit offers a wealth of possibilities. These bits are specifically crafted to match the aesthetic and style of Warhammer universes, such as Warhammer 40,000 or Age of Sigmar. They can be used to replace or augment existing components of miniatures, adding unique details to the models.

One common application of resin bit in miniature conversions is the substitution of weapons and accessories. For example, if you want your Space Marine to wield a different type of weapon or carry specialized equipment, resin bits provide an array of alternative options. These additional parts can depict various weapon types, from futuristic energy weapons to ancient and ornate melee weapons. By swapping out the original components and attaching wh40k bits, you can tailor your miniatures to match your preferred playstyle, narrative, or visual theme.

They are not limited to weapons alone; they can also be used to modify other aspects of Warhammer miniatures. For instance, if you desire a unique character or a distinct model for a leader or champion, wh40k bit offer a range of decorative elements, such as ornamental shoulder pads, helmets, cloaks, or specialized accessories like banners or trophies. These components can transform a standard miniature into a centerpiece model that stands out on the tabletop.

Additionally, 40k bitz our warhammer 40k bit can be utilized for conversions that involve adding or altering physical features. Whether you want to give your models enhanced armor, augmented limbs, or mutated features, these accessories provide the necessary components. These bits often include pieces that allow for the customization of heads, torsos, or limbs, offering an opportunity to create visually striking and individualized models.

One of the advantages of resin bits or bits for Warhammer 40k is their high level of detail since the material they have been made of can capture intricate textures, engravings, and sharp edges, resulting in visually appealing and finely crafted components. The level of detail adds depth and realism to the miniatures, enhancing the overall visual impact of the finished models.

Converting Warhammer miniatures requires some modeling skills and techniques. Hobbyists must carefully remove the original components, prepare the surfaces, and attach them using adhesives such as CA Glue or Glues for plastics. Some minor adjustments and modifications may be necessary to ensure seamless integration with the existing model. Afterward, the model can be painted and finished as usual, taking into account the new additions and any changes made during the conversion process.

In conclusion, these accessories offer a wide range of possibilities for converting Warhammer miniatures. They allow hobbyists to personalize their Warhammer 40k bit models by replacing or augmenting weapons, adding unique details, and modifying physical features. With their intricate detail and thematic designs, they enable hobbyists to create customized models that reflect their vision, narrative, and individuality. Through the creative use of resin bits, Warhammer miniatures can become true representations of the player's imagination and bring an extra level of immersion to the tabletop board game experience.

What is the best place to buy Warhammer bits?

The best place to buy Warhammer bitz is undoubtedly Green Stuff World, your best bits store with the largest variety and low prices.

Warhammer is a popular tabletop miniature wargame set in a dystopian science fantasy universe and features various factions engaged in perpetual warfare.

Players of this game assemble and paint miniature models representing soldiers, creatures, and vehicles from different factions, such as Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, Chaos Space Marines, bitz space wolves, and many others. These models come on plastic sprues, which contain various parts that need to be clipped and assembled.

Players often like to personalize their models by adding extra pieces as part of personal customization, such as different weapons, heads, accessories, or other decorative elements. These additional Warhammer bits can be obtained from various sources, including official Games Workshop kits, Green Stuff World, or even through trading or purchasing them from other players.

Warhammer bits and 40k bitz are usually sold individually or as part of sprues or upgrade packs, allowing players to further customize and personalize their models to reflect their own vision or narrative for their army. This customization aspect adds an extra layer of creativity and individuality to the hobby.

Gluing wargame miniatures is a common task for hobbyists and gamers. Using properly the Modeling glue for gluing your miniatures ensures they stay together during gameplay and look great on the tabletop.

What is the Kitbashing technique?

Kitbashing also known simply as converting refers to a technique where hobbyists or modelers take Warhammer bits made of resin, or plastic parts from different model kits and combine them to create a new and unique model. It involves modifying, reconfiguring, and blending parts from various kits to build a custom model that may not have been available as a complete kit.

The term "kitbashing" originated from the model railroad community, where enthusiasts would use parts from multiple train kits to create customized train cars or structures. Over time, the practice has expanded to other hobby areas, such as model aircraft, science fiction models, wargaming miniatures, and even dioramas. 

Kitbashing allows hobbyists to exercise their creativity, adapt existing models to suit their vision and achieve results that may not be possible with standard kits alone. It involves cutting, shaping, and sometimes scratch-building additional components to seamlessly integrate the various parts into a cohesive model.

This technique often requires skills in modeling, painting, and sometimes sculpting to ensure the different components blend well together. It also requires careful planning and consideration of scale, proportions, and overall design to achieve a visually appealing and realistic outcome.

Resin bits | 40k Warhammer bits

Green stuff putty, also known as epoxy putty, is a valuable tool in the kitbashing technique, offering a range of applications to enhance and customize models. Firstly, it is widely used for gap filling and seam blending. When combining different components from various kits, there are often gaps and seams that need to be filled to create a smooth and cohesive appearance. Green stuff putty can be mixed, applied to the gaps, and sculpted or smoothed to seamlessly merge the parts together. Once it cures, the putty can be sanded and painted over to achieve a flawless finish.

Secondly, Green Stuff epoxy putty enables the sculpting of custom details. Whether you want to add unique armor plates, modify facial features, or create intricate designs, the putty can be shaped and sculpted while it's still pliable. This allows for precise detailing and gives you the freedom to bring your creative vision to life. By combining the putty with other materials like plasticard or wire, you can achieve even more complex and intricate structures, further expanding the customization possibilities.

Lastly, Green stuff putty is used for converting and modifying parts. When kitbashing, it's common to require certain parts to be reshaped or transformed to suit your design concept. Green stuff putty can be used to extend limbs, reshape weapons, or alter the appearance of vehicle components. It provides a sculptable medium that allows you to reshape and customize stock parts, giving your kitbash a distinct and personalized touch. The flexibility and versatility of Green stuff putty make it a go-to material for converting and modifying components to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Overall, kitbashing provides hobbyists and modelers with the opportunity to customize their creations and push the boundaries of what can be achieved with commercial model kits, allowing for unique and personalized results in your bits for warhammer 40k.

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