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Modeling paints for miniature painting

Modeling paints and hobby paints for miniature painting are made from a pigment base suspended in an acrylic base composed of latex, vinyl, polyurethane, or other components that allow it to be water-soluble. It is a popular choice for painting model kits and wargame miniatures such as Warhammer or Star Wars Legion because it dries quickly, is easy to work with, can be thinned with water, and has little or no toxicity.

Wargaming and modeling paints are widespread modeling in the world that require certain products and tools to turn into an unforgettable adventure. One of the most demanded items is model paint for mini painting, as they can turn scenarios and miniatures into real ones. 

They come in a wide range of acrylic colors and finishes, from matte to gloss, metallic, transparent, and opaque versions.

The model paints can be applied generally with a brush or airbrush, and are easy to clean and less toxic than for example enamel or oils that force you to work with diluents and chemicals very dangerous for your health.

When using acrylic paint for miniatures painting paints scale models and wargaming miniatures, it is important to shake the bottle well beforehand to ensure that the pigments mix thoroughly. Thanks to these, the figures have a unique and customized look, for which you don't need a lot of technical knowledge, but a lot of desire and simple guidelines that you can follow. 

Model paints | Modeling paints

Properties of hobby paints for painting models

The most popular are acrylic model paints for painting models which are quick-drying paint composed of pigments suspended in a polymer emulsion. Hobby paint can be thinned with water, although once dry, it will repel water. Their finish is similar to watercolor or oils and they offer advantages such as:

  • They dry to the touch quickly, which is an advantage when you want to add several colors to the same figure.
  • Easy to clean. All the elements used for painting, such as brushes and airbrushes, can be easily cleaned with soap and water, removing any residue.
  • They are less toxic than other types, as some of the pigments included are natural.
  • They are economical compared to others.
  • There is a wide variety specified for different roles, such as military, metallic, chameleon, effects, fluorescent or metallic. 

Types of Modeling Paints:

1.- Artistic Hobby paint

These are all the basic colors with which we will color the vast majority of the figures and they will be the best paint for plastic models. They would be all those normal reds, greens, blues, and yellows that we will always have to have as a minimum. They usually have a matt finish, allow colors to blend, and have sufficient covering capacity.

In this range would be the general colors, and then the military paint

Fantasy colors tend to have very intense and flashy colors as they always seek to stand out and exaggerate. Military colors, on the other hand, look for the opposite, muted natural colors that blend in with nature. 

2.- Chameleon Color shift

The chameleon paint changes color depending on the angle and intensity of the light. It is often used on vehicles and other objects with rounded surfaces to create a unique and dynamic visual effect. 

The color-changing effect is achieved through the use of special pigments that reflect different wavelengths of light at different angles. These pigments are usually made of materials such as iridescent flakes or interference pigments, which are tiny particles that reflect light in a specific way.

There are several types of color shifts with pearlescent, metallic, and holographic finishes. Each type produces a slightly different color change effect, and some are more vibrant or dramatic than others.

3.- Dipping Inks

Dipping Inks are suitable for shading figures with different shades depending on the intensity of the chosen miniature painting paints. The ideal result can be achieved with just one coat applied to any color - the effect is impressive!

Not only shadows can be marked, but also colors can be veiled, details of the figure can be highlighted and volumes can be created in specific areas. 

4.- Chrome 

Chrome colors are alcohol-based and are designed to create a reflective, mirror-like finish on a surface. They are often used for decorative or aesthetic purposes, such as creating a metallic or futuristic look on a vehicle or object. These types are usually made with metallic pigments or flakes that reflect light, creating the illusion of a metallic surface.

5.- Other similar products for model and miniature painting

In addition to the types of modeling paint mentioned above, for Modelling you can find other types that create unique effects. For example, water effect gels are ideal for settings where there is water, sea, lakes, or puddles. They are available in various colours, such as blue or green in different shades. There are also transparent ones that can be mixed with other products to create unique effects. 

You can also check our snow textures, perfect for creating a realistic winter environment.

For creating a cracking effect, you check our crackle paint category. 

Matt or satin varnishes, primers, and acrylic retardants are products that, although they are not considered model paints, can be very practical when it comes to personalizing and painting your figures. 

Don't hesitate to visit our online shop and discover all these types of Model paints at the best price. You will find different acrylic inks or miniature paint sets with which you can save money and have everything at hand for your next works of art. Products that have the guarantee of our brand as our blackest black paint.

Where to buy modeling paints?

When choosing where to buy modeling paints for your projects, it is important to make sure they are manufactured by professionals in the industry whose products are of high quality. Thus, the finish of your miniatures will be perfect and durable. 

At Green Stuff World we manufacture our own modeling paint because we have a team of experts that make it possible. That is why we can say that they are created with the best pigments and the most suitable components for each color. Besides, our focus is miniatures and scale models, so you will not find better products than the ones on our website. In fact, not only we manufacture colors under our signature, but you can also buy other products for your dioramas such as varnishes, brushes, glues, or cutting tools, among many others.

Is painting a hobby?

Yes, it can indeed be considered a hobby, one that is not only enjoyable but also offers numerous benefits to those who engage in it. As a hobby, painting allows individuals to express their creativity and emotions through colors, shapes, and forms. It provides a means of relaxation and stress relief, offering a break from the demands of daily life.

For many people, it serves as a form of self-expression and a way to explore their inner thoughts and feelings. Whether it's through abstract art, landscapes, portraits, or still life, it allows individuals to communicate visually in a way that words often cannot.

Moreover, it offers opportunities for personal growth and skill development. As individuals practice and experiment with different techniques and styles, they can refine their abilities and expand their artistic repertoire. This continuous learning process can be both challenging and rewarding, fostering a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

It can also be a social activity, providing opportunities for individuals to connect with others who share similar interests. Whether through attending art classes, joining painting groups, or participating in community art events, painters can engage with a supportive community and exchange ideas and feedback.

Overall, it is much more than just a pastime; it is a fulfilling and enriching hobby that offers countless opportunities for creativity, self-expression, personal growth, and social connection.

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