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Warhammer Old World Bases

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Warhammer The Old World

It is simply a tabletop miniature wargame developed by Games Workshop. It serves as a reincarnation of the classic Warhammer Fantasy Battle setting, offering players the opportunity to engage in large-scale battles between various fantasy armies. The game features traditional rank-and-file gameplay, where units move and fight as cohesive blocks on square bases, emphasizing strategic positioning and disciplined formations. The new game aims to recapture the nostalgic charm of the original WHFB setting while introducing new adventures and lore for players to explore.

The community is abuzz with excitement as Games Workshop prepares to unveil its highly anticipated tabletop game, Warhammer: The Old World. A return to the beloved Fantasy game setting, this upcoming release promises to transport players back to the glory days of epic battles and heroic tales. With numerous changes from new basing sizes and movement trays to the resurrection of classic factions, fans are eager to dive into this new adventure.

Warhammer the old world Base sizes

Although the exact details of the base sizes from Warhammer The Old World may vary, it seems that a square shape will be utilized again rather than the round shape used in other Games Workshop systems like Age of Sigmar or W40k.

The new basing sizes for Warhammer The Old World will be designed to provide stability and support for the bigger miniatures while representing their presence on the gaming table.

One of the most significant changes coming is the introduction of new basing sizes for miniatures. Instead of the round bases used in WH Age of Sigmar, the new WH version will embrace the classic square bases reminiscent of the original version and still used in the free 9th Age version created by players who refused the change to AOS.

Games Workshop confirmed that all 20mm bases will be increased to 25mm and the cavalry ones from 25x50mm to 30x60mm. This means that players with existing miniatures of 20mm will need to rebase them to the new 25mm size. Alternatively, as usual, you can use an adapter to convert 20mm to 25mm bases, which is already available at Green Stuff World so you don't have to modify excessively your old miniatures. Simply insert your old 20mm figure into the adapter and with a little modeling glue it will be instantly converted to 25mm. The finish will be practically the same, but without having to rebase all your infantry.

Additionally, while most of the existing 25mm and 25x50 bases have been replaced with new-sized bases, it's important to note that not all of them have been changed. This means that some players might still need to rebase specific miniatures from the old range to fit the new system. This will be known when the rest of the new sizes are finally revealed and confirmed.

The introduction of new sizes and the requirement for some re-basing might initially seem like a significant undertaking for players with large collections of models. However, the decision to transition to 25mm and retain the same scale as the classic Warhammer range aims to ensure visual continuity and familiarity for long-time fans of the setting. As the scale is not expected to change, you can always use our resin bits Warhammer to customize your figures, especially the unit captains and heroes.

These are the Warhammer The Old World new sizes of square bases:

  • 25mm regular infantry
  • 30mm larger infantry
  • 25x50mm Light cavalry, war beasts 
  • 30x60mm cavalry
  • 40x60mm Flying cavalry, pegasus type
  • 60x100mm chariots and dragons
  • 90mm, 120mm, and 150mm for larger monsters

and more specifically, these would be the new sizes per special unit type where some doubt may arise:

  • All Orc infantry 30mm
  • Goblins 25mm
  • Squigs Herds and Hoppers 25mm
  • Giant Cave Squig character mounts are on 50mm
  • Manglers Squigs 50x75mm
  • Trolls 40mm
  • Standard ogres 40mm
  • Gnoblars 25mm
  • Ogre Lords 40mm
  • Butchers 40mm
  • Butchers with cauldron 50x100mm
  • Hunters 50mm,
  • Maneaters 40mm
  • Yheties 40mm
  • Gorgers 50mm
  • Gors 25mm
  • Bestigors  30mm
  • Beastman Lords/Shamans 25mm or 30mm
  • Brettonian Barded pegasus 40x60mm
  • Barded Royal pegasus 50mm
  • Pegasus Knights 40x60mm
  • Demigryphs 50x75mm
  • Chaos Knights/Chosen Knights/Marauder Horsemen 30x60mm
  • All Chaos warrior infantry 30mm
  • Chaos Marauders 25mm
  • Steam Tank 60x100mm
  • Minotaur 50mm
  • War machines 50x75mm 

These changes are significant because they align with the rank-and-file gameplay of the classic Games Workshop game. The bases and movement trays allow for the easy movement of entire unit blocks, maintaining the strategic depth and large-scale battles the WH community fondly remembers.

Warhammer Old World Bases

Warhammer The Old World Release date

WHFB was a popular tabletop miniature wargame that was introduced by Games Workshop in 1983. This game was using only square bases and the game took place in a dark and gritty fantasy place. Players commanded armies of fantastical creatures and warriors, engaging in strategic battles on tabletops using miniatures.

In 2015, Games Workshop announced significant changes to the Fantasy Battles game system. They released a new edition called WH Age of Sigmar, which introduced a new setting and game mechanics including round and oval bases. Age of Sigmar featured a more high-fantasy setting with a focus on god-like beings and their cosmic struggles.

This change marked the end of regular support and updates for Classic Warhammer. However, GW recognized the rich legacy and popularity of the original setting and announced plans for a new release in November 2019, but also said this would take time. However, it wasn't until the 20 January 2024 release date of Warhammer The Old World that it became a reality. The surprise for everyone was that it came out in pre-order format.

Warhammer the old world base sizes

The new project aims to return to the beloved Fantasy Battles setting, offering a new vision of the world and its lore. It is intended to be a standalone Age of Sigmar game system, aimed specifically at players who enjoyed the original gaming experience.

Games Workshop stated that it would explore new narratives and introduce several factions from the original setting, expanding on the existing story and introducing new elements. This new release has its own rules and range of miniatures and captures the dark and gritty atmosphere of the original, however many old miniatures have been recycled and are introduced into the new game by simply increasing the base size.

Many rules of the new version will change but what we know for sure is that the square bases will be the same as before, bigger but the same :)

The initial launch set featuring the Empire vs. Orcs is likely to be eagerly anticipated by fans, as it signifies a return to the classic conflict between these two iconic factions from the original world.

The mention of Bretonnia and Khemri getting complete overhauls and new releases indicates that GW intends to give attention to factions that might have been less represented in recent years. This news should excite fans of these factions, as they can expect a fresh wave of miniatures and lore to accompany their return.

Additionally, the inclusion of Chaos, Kislev, and Dwarfs in the list of first factions to get releases suggests that GW plans to provide a diverse array of armies right from the start, catering to the various tastes and preferences of players.

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