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Miniature holders for painting

Miniature holders for painting are tools that help to hold and position miniature figures while painting them. They can come in a variety of designs and materials, such as cork, plastic, metal, or 3D printed, and can be adjusted to hold figures at different angles. Some miniature holders also have clips or magnets to hold the figure securely in place. They are commonly used by miniature painters and hobbyists to make the painting process easier and more precise, and in this way avoid touching the figures while they are being painted, since this could damage the work.

Best Hobby Painting Handle for Miniatures

The best support for miniatures will be the one that can hold your figures during your painting sessions in a stable way, is lightweight, and most importantly, very economical. The clear winner will be the cork holders.

You can buy many cork supports to paint multiple miniatures at the same time for the price of just one of the most sophisticated.

Cork handles are a type of miniature holder that can be used to hold miniature figures while painting or sculpting. They are made from cork, a natural and lightweight material that is easy to grip and manipulate. The cork handle is typically cylindrical in shape stable and pleasant to the touch. 

To place the miniatures simply use a bit of sticky tack / blue tack at the base of the miniature, although you can also fix the miniatures with brass bars (pinning bars). After the fixing, This allows the painter to hold the figure securely and at different angles while painting. The cork handle can also be used to prop up the figure on a flat surface if desired. The cork handle is a simple and inexpensive option for holding miniatures while painting.

You can use any type of cork available in your area, although at Green Stuff World, we have extra-large corks and even column-type ones, which allow you to comfortably fix large figures.

Best miniature holders for painting