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Photography accessories for modelling

If creating a model or a wargame diorama is exciting, so is photographing it in order to share it, as this is a complementary hobby to modelling and modelling that allows us to show others the progress of our 'work of art'. In addition, it is very practical to make tutorials or step-by-step in which you want to show how the whole process is done. It can also be used to enhance or give special attention to a detail we are proud of or to tell a story through the model and the setting we create for it.

What photography accessories are needed to achieve these results?

Camera: Close-up photography, miniatures, and models are included in macro photography, so you will need a good quality camera that will give you good, sharp images.

While it is true that a large format camera will allow us to achieve greater enlargement possibilities thanks to accessories and lenses, we will not need a huge investment of this type if we are a little crafty with a compact, which we all have at home. There are also high-end mobiles that can be equipped with macro functions and with which you can take excellent quality photographs. However, if you have the possibility, the best thing to do is to work with a 35 mm SLR and, as long as your budget allows, a tripod. 

If you have chosen a DSLR, you will need a range of lenses from wide-angle to medium telephoto. A fixed lens is easy to handle and offers optimum quality, but they are also much more expensive. If you can't afford to invest in several lenses, you can opt for a zoom lens that has a range of focal lengths and macro positions to tackle everything. 

Lighting: Rule number one for taking pictures of your miniatures or small objects: Disable the camera's flash, as it will most likely burn the image. 

Look for a homogeneous white illumination avoiding shadows or good The correct illumination of the piece. Bulbs of 100w or more of white light, at least 3 points of illumination, better 4. Very recommendable to use a light box with LED strips that do the same function, and if possible buy a tripod.

Some lighting systems have dimmers or dimmers that can be coupled with the frequency of your mobile phone creating a banding effect. Set your mobile phone settings correctly. 

Take photos from up close, trying not to over-zoom, and then focus. If you try to take the picture from too far away, but zoom in too far, the image will lose its definition.

Turntables: Turntables or rotating display stands are supports on which to place your miniatures so that you can photograph them from all angles. There are 2 types: manual and automatic 

Lightbox: The Lightbox Studio is a portable photography equipment that can be used for all kinds of small item photography projects, such as miniatures, sales items, jewellery, and many other things. The unit folds up with velcro fasteners and is very easy to transport; it is well-built and offers the possibility to take both frontal and overhead shots. 

Photo Backgrounds or Backdrops

Just as important are the camera, lighting, turntables, and lightbox, as the backdrops that will be behind whatever we are photographing. 

If the background is dirty, we will have to spend a lot of time cleaning the image. If the background does not have a pure colour, such as simple cardboard, the colours of the main image may be altered and the camera may not focus correctly. For this reason, it is highly recommended to use our ultra-black pure photo backgrounds that absorb light and will help your thumbnails look amazing. These Maxx Darth Backdrops are available in different sizes. 

Enter our online shop and discover all the photography accessories for modelling and model making that we have. Thanks to them you will be able to create a professional photo shoot of your figures and miniatures.