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What is a Roll Maker set?

A Roll Maker set is a tool that is used to create tubes, tentacles, and cables out of putty or polymer clay. It is typically used by hobbyists and model makers to add detail and realism to their figures, dioramas, and scale models.

The set consists of a set of 6 plastic plates with different textures and 2 guide bars that are used to shape and form the putty or clay by rolling them against each other to get the desired shape. The tool allows also different diameters and thicknesses for multiple finishes. 

How to use Roll Maker Set?

  1. You will typically start by preparing your putty or clay. This may involve mixing and kneading the material until it is soft and pliable. 
  2. Next, you will roll the putty or clay through using the back and the flat side of any of the included plates to create a perfect sausage in the desired thickness. 
  3. Choose a combination of plates. The more different the design of the plates are, the more complex the result will be.  
  4. Decide which direction of rolling you will follow: 45º, 90º, or 180º. Place the guide bars in positions according to the desired direction of rolling.
  5. If the material to texturize is too sticky, add water, water with talcum powder, or vaseline to the plates to avoid sticking.
  6. Let's rub the textured plates together!!!

This hobby tool is easy to use and can help you create precise and consistent shapes every time.

Can I combine Roll Maker with its XL version?

Yes, can be used together to create new and endless combinations of textures. The biggest plate of the smaller tool will be the smallest of the bigger tool.

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Where to buy a Roll Maker set?

Green Stuff World is a manufacturer of modeling and sculpting tools and supplies, and they offer a range of products including flock machines and textured rolling pins. You can purchase their products from their own website, or from other retailers that carry Green Stuff World products.