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What is green stuff?

It is a bi-component epoxy putty that hardens at room temperature. Sometimes called, Kneadatite, it is available for purchase in rolls, rolls with gaps, and tapes. Originally designed for use as a plumbing putty in the 1980's, introduced into the wargaming market by Games Workshop, tripling its price, the company that owns Warhammer, it is now used by modellers and hobbyists not only to fill gaps and help join parts of figures but for conversions and modifications as well as for sculpting miniatures.

You can find many tutorials and many examples on our creative website.

Where to buy Green Stuff Putty?

Green Stuff World is the manufacturer and larger distributor of Green Stuff putty in the world, to convert figures and other modelling parts at a good price. We ship all over the world including Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Holland, the USA, Canada, and Australia among others. You can see the list of countries we ship to in the following LINK.

How long does Greenstuff take to dry?

Green Stuff putty includes 2 parts, a yellow resin and a blue hardener, and the mixture of equal parts of these components results in a kind of very sticky chewy plasticine.

After mixing Kneadatite, you have 1 hour and a half to work on moulding and sculpting, achieving total drying and therefore maximum hardness after 24 hours. This product gradually loses its tackiness as it dries, which means that 10-15 minutes after mixing, it is easier to work with because it will have lost some of its tackiness.

Altering the proportions of the yellow/blue component produces a faster/slower hardening and a higher/lower hardness. The more of the blue component that is included in the mixture, the less time it will take to harden and the harder and less sticky it will be. However, the more of the yellow component that is added, the longer it will take to dry and the softer and stickier it will be.

How to work with green stuff?

Although this putty is easily sculpted and modelled, it should be noted that it is quite sticky, so it adheres easily to fingers and tools. This property allows you to place the piece in the exact working position before starting. It is advisable to wet the fingers with water, use talcum powder or Vaseline for sculpting and modelling, so it is necessary to work with moistened fingers and tools.

It is always necessary to work by zones, this means that we will have to wait until it is completely hardened in a zone to be able to work in a superior layer, otherwise, we could deform the part that has not hardened yet.

How to avoid fingerprints when sculpting?

When we work with our fingers as a tool, it is very easy to leave our own fingerprints. To solve this problem, you should always work with your fingers moistened with water or sculptor's Vaseline.

It is recommended to use tools for sculpting and modelling with this product. There are metal tools as well as tools with silicone tips or Color Shapers.

Is green stuff toxic?

Kneadatite is an epoxy putty, and like all chemical products, it is recommended to wear gloves to avoid skin contact. It may cause allergic reactions in some people with increased skin sensitivity after prolonged exposure. In addition, it should never be grafted.

On the other hand, it is considered toxic to aquatic life, so it should be deposited at a clean point in your city.

How to mix it?

It should be mixed with the fingers until a uniform colour is achieved. It is advisable to moisten your fingers with water, talcum powder or Vaseline for sculpting and modelling to prevent it from sticking to your fingers. Any sculpting tool that you want to use should be moistened in the same way as your fingers.

It belongs to the family of "rubbery" putties, as it remains partially flexible when dry. This property can be altered by modifying the % of each component added to the mixture. The standard mixture for stick putty is 50/50 and the mixture for roll putty is 60/40, both mixtures being equally valid.

In addition to altering the amount of each component, it can be mixed with other putties in different proportions to achieve mixed properties, such as Brown Stuff, Maxx Putty, Milliput Putty, Magic Sculpt or Procreate.

How to preserve kneadatite?

As a general rule, cold slows down and preserves the putty, even if it is already mixed, and heat accelerates the drying process. The optimum storage temperature is 5ºC, so a suitable place to store it would be in the fridge at home (not in the freezer) and always in a closed plastic container.

It can be purchased with a gap between the 2 components to prevent the intermediate part from hardening 6-8 months after purchase. You can also buy it in sticks, which is already perfectly separated into sticks with each component.

How to dissolve it?

Each type of putty can be dissolved with the appropriate liquid.

Green or brown stuff and procreate are rubbery putties that can be dissolved using alcohol, even changing their state. Once dry, alcohol softens them.

Maxx Putty, Milliput or Magic Sculpt are more clayey putties and can be dissolved using water. Once dry, water would have no effect on them in the short term.