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What are Ignis Art Busts?

Ignis Art is a commercial brand of collectible resin busts and miniatures from the marketplace designed and manufactured in Poland. These figures follow fantastic fantasy themes in the Slavic Legends range as well as futuristic fantasy in its range of busts from the Afterglow Miniatures board game and have stood out worldwide for their innovative designs and high casting quality.

These resin busts are the perfect way to show off your painting skills. Whether you're a professional painter or an amateur, these unique collectible figures will make your work stand out. Made from high-quality resin, each bust is painstakingly hand-painted to capture every detail. With a wide variety of themes and styles to choose from, they have the perfect bust for every collector.

Where to buy Ignis Art Busts?

Their products can be purchased from the manufacturer's website, or its main European distribution point, both for stores and individuals, at greenstuffworld where you will find all its references available in stock for immediate shipment.

What is

It is simply the marketplace owned by businessman and board game designer Oskar Walczewski, a Polish-resident businessman operating commercially since 2012 in the world of board games, wargames, and resin pieces in general, being his main activity and where has proven its high quality, producing high-quality collectible miniatures and figure busts.

Ignis Art Limited Edition

Many references to this brand are manufactured within the limited edition. Some busts have been recovered and put up for sale at the request of bust painters.

Plinths for Ignis Art busts

Ignis Art busts and figures do not include the wood plinths, Backdrop Plinths, or wooden bases to hold them, but they can be purchased at the Green Stuff World distributor.