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What are adhesive magnetic sheets?

Magnetic Sheets also known as magnetized sheets, they are flexible vinyl materials infused with magnetized particles. They possess attractive force properties that enable them to have your miniatures attracted and held to pure metallic or metalized surfaces. Their main purpose is to provide a magnetized surface for secure attachment.

Adhesive magnetic sheets play a crucial role in the magnetization of fantasy wargame units, movement trays, and a lot of other applications in craft and DIY. By utilizing them, along with other metalized materials, players can easily secure miniature models, ensuring their stability during gameplay and transportation.

One of the primary advantages is their convenience and simplicity since they have been crafted from a pliable vinyl material that is very easy to cut. We supply them in 200 x 300mm, providing sufficient material for creating several movement trays and miniature bases.

To use them for movement trays, players can cut them to the desired size using common tools like scissors or craft knives. This flexibility allows for customization and adaptation to different base sizes or tray configurations. Once they have been cut, they could be placed either under the bases of the miniatures or under the movement trays, so the whole tray will be attached to the metalized trays of the Miniatures Carry Case. This will prevent displacement or detachment of the models during gameplay.

Rubber metal sheets for magnetic storage of miniatures

Metal sheets for magnets are specifically engineered with iron particles integrated into their composition, enabling magnets to securely adhere to them while retaining their flexibility and durability. They can be effortlessly trimmed to the desired dimensions and affixed to your painted movement trays or transport boxes. By doing so, miniatures equipped with magnetized bases can easily cling to the Rubber Steel surface.

These offer immense convenience across various crafting applications, particularly in the realm of wargaming. They serve as an excellent resource for creating personalized movement trays and display bases, facilitating seamless troop movement on the battlefield. Additionally, the visually appealing dark color of the sheet adds an attractive aesthetic to any movement tray.

Rubber steel material is the best magnetizing solution to be used in conjunction with magnetic sheets or neodymium magnets to increase the overall pull. This combination provides a stronger attraction, ensuring a more secure attachment of the miniature models to the trays.

Will neodymium magnets stick to magnetized sheets? 

Neodymium magnets are known for their strong attraction properties, and they can typically stick to many sorts of materials such as ferromagnetic metals, including iron, nickel, and cobalt. However, their effectiveness in sticking to magnetized sheets can vary depending on their thickness and the concentration of magnet powders, since they have been made of flexible materials that contain ferromagnetic particles, such as iron oxide, embedded within them. However, the strength of the field generated by the magnetic paper might not be sufficient to securely hold wargame miniatures with their neodymium magnets in place.

The adhesion of neodymium magnets to them might be weak so the magnets could easily detach or slide off with slight disturbance. The lack of strong metallic content can limit their ability to securely hold neodymium discs.

If you need a reliable and strong attachment, it is generally recommended to use neodymium with rubber-metal material that is specifically designed to offer better adhesion. This ensures a stronger bond and reduces the risk of detachment or movement.

Do magnetic sheets stick to each other?

Yes, since there is not a marked polarity. They can indeed stick to each other, but the extent to which they do so depends on their specific properties and design. Unlike traditional permanent magnets with distinct north and south poles, they often exhibit different behaviors due to their unique construction and magnetization.

They consist of magnet powder encased within a flexible plastic material. These tiny magnetized powder grains create a field within the material, but this field is often more complex than that of a traditional bar magnet. Instead of having a marked polarity with a clear north and south pole, they exhibit a neutral or alternating polarity. This means that within the material, the energy oscillates continuously between positive and negative charges.

Magnetic Sheets - Magnetized Sheets

Because of this neutral polarity, they can attract and repel both positive and negative charges. When two of them come into contact, the complex and alternating fields within them interact in a way that can lead to adhesion or repulsion at the same time.

They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating flexible signage, advertising displays, or closures in packaging. Their ability to stick to each other or metal surfaces can provide a convenient and reusable means of attachment without the need for adhesives or other fasteners.

Where to buy magnetic sheets?

Magnetic sheets can be purchased in specialized stores such as DIY stores, stationery stores or model and craft stores. In addition, they are also usually available in large marketplaces. However, if you are looking for a quality foil from a company with a long history in the sector, we recommend you to take a look at Green Stuff World.

On our website we have adhesive magnetic sheets of all sizes and shapes that will perfectly suit all your needs. You can buy square, rectangular, round or oval adhesive magnets of all sizes. Thus, they will look perfect on all your bases or any other project you want to embark on. In addition, the magnetized sheet is easy to cut, a pair of scissors or a modeling cutter is enough.

On the other hand, we have a pack of magnetized sheet and metal sheet that make it easy to magnetize all kinds of objects. It is not necessary to use them together, as they can also be used separately for different purposes.

How to use a magnetic sheet?

To achieve total magnetization of an object, two elements are used: the magnetic sheet (or a magnet) and a metal sheet for magnets. Due to their similarity at first sight, it is common to get confused about their use, so it is important to know what we want to do in each project and, therefore, what exactly we need to achieve it.

On the one hand, the adhesive magnetic sheets can be used alone, together with the metal sheet or with the neodymium magnets that you will also find on our website. It all depends on the strength of attraction you are looking for. With a single 210 mm x 297 mm A4 sheet, you'll have enough material to make up to three movement trays of 50 miniatures; or six trays of 25, on a 20 mm base. To cut them, use your usual scissors or cutter.

On the other hand, the metal sheet is made of flexible rubber and impregnated with iron to allow magnets to stick strongly to it. It is very useful in various applications when crafting, especially in tabletop gaming or wargaming, where they can be used to make Warhammer Movement Trays or miniature carry cases at home. This greatly facilitates the movement of troops around the battlefield. Additionally, the dark color of this material is very attractive for Warhammer movement trays.

Therefore, with these two products, magnetizing a movement tray is as easy as cutting the metal sheet to the size of your tray and sticking it with its own adhesive by removing the protective paper. Then, magnetize your figures with the magnetic sheet (also self-adhesive), neodymium magnets, or similar. It will now be ready to support all your figures during play or transport.