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What is a Paint Rack?

A hobby paint rack or a paint organizer is a type of organizational furniture tool used to store and organize small dropper bottles and pots of acrylics, typically used for hobbies such as model building, miniature painting, and airbrushing. The painting storage rack or paint organizer can be made of various materials such as plastic or wood and can hold different numbers of bottles depending on the design. Some hobby racks also have features such as stackable and scalability options to further aid in organization and easy access to specific colors.

A modular storage rack allows you to stack different pieces of furniture, increasing the height and taking advantage of all the available space on your desk. There are corner elementsdrawer units, other furniture pieces for brush rack and sprays, and even more specific ones for miniatures.

You should make sure they are compatible with each other and that they are stackable. This type of modeling furniture made by the same manufacturer is usually compatible with each other.

Paint Rack | Paint organizer

MDF Modular Paint organizer

Storing and organizing bottles using a paint rack, bottle holder, and storage rack modules made of MDF wood has become the best quality/price/performance option for years. 

MDF (medium-density fibreboard) is a type of engineered wood that is made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into fibers, combining them with wax and a resin binder, and then forming them into boards. MDF is known for its smooth surface, consistent density, and stability, which makes it a good choice for construction projects.

These small household furniture organizers for Miniature Painters made of MDF wood would be the best solution for the acrylic colors organization because they are a sturdy and durable way to store all sorts of bottles for their hobby. 

Normally it will be necessary to reinforce the joints of the structure of your paint organizer during the asembling process with a little PVA glue (polyvinyl acetate). PVA glue is a type of adhesive that is commonly used in woodworking and other crafts projects. It is a water-based glue that is easy to clean up and dries clear, and it is also known for its strong bonding capabilities. Using PVA glue to reinforce the structure of your paint rack would help ensure that it is strong and durable enough to hold multiple bottles without warping or breaking.

modular paint organizer

What can you do with a Paintbrush Holder?

A paintbrush organizer can be used to keep paintbrushes organized and easily accessible. It can also help protect the brushes from damage or becoming misshapen. Brush holders have slots or compartments for different-sized brushes or have a way to hold the brushes in place to prevent them from rolling around. Additionally, it can be used to store and keep them clean and dry.

Storing pencils, pens as well as other thin tools is possible too so it can help keep your artistic supplies tidy, easy to locate, and maintain their longevity.

What can you do with a paint organizer for spray?

spray organizer is a versatile tool that can help you streamline your work process and keep your spray cans organized and easily accessible. Providing a secure and customizable storage solution for your aerosol can help you achieve greater efficiency and productivity in your DIY projects, artwork, or other hobbies.

You can quickly locate the aerosol you need without wasting time searching through a disorganized pile. You can also reduce the risk of spills or accidents by keeping your cans securely in place, which can help prevent damage to your workspace and materials.

Moreover, the modular design allows you to customize your storage space according to your specific needs and available space and also stack several modules both on the sides and on top of each other. Whether you need a compact organization for a small work area or a larger one for a more extensive collection, this piece of furniture can help you create a personalized storage solution that fits your needs.

Take advantage of Green Stuff World's modular system to bring order to your work area. Combine them with our Brush Rinser, a cutting mat, and a silicone painting mat. Give a 360º change to your cave. Remember, the goal of organizing is not just to tidy up your workspace, but also to ensure your tools are well-maintained and easy to find when needed.

Accessories for craft organizer

The Green Stuff World catalog includes craft paint storage, a paintbrush holder, miniatures storage, an aerosol can rack, and organizers for other sorts of containers used during painting sessions. Some of the most commonly used products on these shelves are as follows: 

  • Acrylics. They are often used by people who use airbrushes for their figures and dioramas, as they are very fluid. In addition, since they are made with water as a base, they are less toxic than any other.
  • Acrylic inks. The advantages of acrylic inks are their speed of drying, their durability, and their intense pigmentation. 
  • Chameleon colors. The distinctive feature is their metallic effect that changes color between certain tones, depending on the light that reaches it. It is perfect for imitating the finish of armor, plates, and similar surfaces. 
  • Chrome effects. Also, they have a metallic finish but, in this case, with a mirror effect. 
  • Liquid Masking Tape. This product is very useful for masking the parts of the figure that you do not want to stain. It is applied with a brush, creating an impenetrable layer that can be removed with your fingers once the layer is dry. 
  • Spray. The organizer of sprays is normally different from the rest by the size of its hollows for storage. The big dimensions of these cans are not compatible with the rest of the modeling standards, normally 17 or 60 ml.
  • Hobby Brushes. In Green Stuff World we have created exclusive organizers for brushes, in which to order up to 94 units. Although we also have several paint organizers with holes for brushes.
  • Wargaming miniatures. Our multipurpose rack allows you to store pots of different sizes, as well as wargame miniatures, among other objects. In this way, they will be tidy and well-exposed.

Are paint holders really necessary in model making?

While not strictly necessary, paint holders can be incredibly useful in model-making for several reasons:

  • Organization and Accessibility: They keep your colors organized and readily accessible, saving you time searching for specific colors and preventing clutter in your workspace. This can be especially beneficial with large collections of bottles.
  • Protection and Preservation: They can protect and avoid spills, dust, and damage, ensuring they last longer and maintain their quality. This is particularly important for expensive paints or metallic finishes.
  • Ergonomics and Comfort: Having things organized allows you to find them more quickly, and therefore they will allow you to easily pick them up, reducing fatigue and improving your overall painting experience.
  • Improved Workflow: Depending on the type of organizer, you can easily view different paints, compare colors, and keep frequently used ones within quick reach. This can significantly improve your painting workflow and efficiency.
  • Additional Benefits: Some holders offer features like built-in palettes, mixing surfaces, or drying racks, further enhancing your painting experience and workspace organization.

Ultimately, the decision to use a paint rack depends on your personal needs, preferences, and budget. If you value organization, accessibility, and a comfortable painting experience, they're worth considering.

Can Green Stuff World paint racks be used with citadel pots?

Yes, of course, we have several modular designs compatible with citadel pots, such as our multipurpose with an open front and modular vertical for 30ml with all their varieties available.

Green Stuff World's products are designed with versatility in mind, accommodating various bottle sizes including those Citadel pots from Games Workshop. The compatibility of their offering with Citadel pots ensures convenience and efficiency for hobbyists and painters alike. With a seamless fit, it enables users to optimize their workspace, enhancing organization and accessibility during crafting sessions.

The adaptability of Green Stuff World's solution transcends the limitations posed by different container dimensions, fostering a harmonious integration of tools and supplies for enthusiasts. Its ergonomic design promotes ease of use, facilitating a smooth workflow conducive to creativity and productivity. By seamlessly accommodating Citadel pots, Green Stuff World's offering embodies a commitment to user-centric design, catering to the diverse needs of the hobbyist community.

This compatibility underscores the company's dedication to providing practical and functional solutions, enhancing the painting experience for enthusiasts of all levels. Whether dabbling in miniature painting or pursuing intricate crafting projects, the seamless integration of Citadel pots with Green Stuff World's product ensures a seamless and enjoyable creative journey.