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Rotational Paint Shaker
  • Rotational Paint Shaker
  • Rotational Paint Shaker
  • Rotational Paint Shaker

Rotational Paint Shaker


Paint Shaker

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Rotational Paint Shaker

An indispensable tool on any workbench that thanks to its small size but great mixing power, guarantees perfect mixing of any type of colour, acrylic, lacquer, or enamel while also extending its durability. Compatible with the most common modeling paint bottles regardless of shape or size. USB powered.

- 1x Hobby Paint Shaker
- 3x Rubber Adaptors in 15, 22 and 30 mm
- 1x USB Charging cable

Hobby Paint Shaker
- Output power: 3,7V
- Net weight 160gr./set
- Rotating speed: 11.000r/m
- Silicone adaptor hardness: 55ºshoreA
- Full charging time: 1,5 hours
- Working time:
- Charging method: 2,5 hours
- USB connection
- Battery 500mA (1.85Wh)
- Use during charge: NO

- Make sure that bottles are always properly closed, otherwise, the paint bottles may leak paint out.
- We recommend adding 1 mixing ball to your paint pots to improve the mixing process.
- Do not use it during its charging time
- This tool is not a toy

Product Details

bastante util

Cuando llevas tiempo sin pintar y quieres mezclar bien las pinturas es la mejor solucion. yo lo uso bastante aunque lleve poco tiempo sin pintar y asi me aseguro que quedan bien mezcladas



Tengo un Vortex de marca china del que nunca me he sentido plenamente satisfecho ni echándole paint revitalizer
y de repente me compro este turulo y botes que pensaba tirar por estar medio secos los he revitalizado . por fin "algo" que funciona.


Herramienta necesaria

Una herramienta necesaria.
vale para todos tipos de botes de pinturas. Incluso si usas paint revitalizer puedes recuperar la pintura rápidamente.
Es una herramienta portátil muy cómoda.



Sencillamente impresio.......jonante !!!

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Milliput Standard Yellow Grey

Rotational Paint Shaker

Paint Shaker

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