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Paint Revitalizer 60ml | Acrylic thinner
  • Paint Revitalizer 60ml | Acrylic thinner

Paint Revitalizer 60ml


Paint Revitalizer 60ml

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Paint Revitalizer

Revitalizer that improves the consistency and durability of semi-dry acrylic paints. The proportion needed will depend on the state of the paint. Used in excess could change the original properties of the paint. Not valid for completely dry paint.

Content: 60 ml. Alcohol-free.

* The nozzles of the paint pots could come without drilling to protect the paint, please check the nozzles and drill them on the first use.


1º Completely remove all dry paint from the lid of the paint pot.
2º Clean the nozzle of the pot both internally and externally if it had one.
3º Gradually add Revitalizer according to the state of the paint.
4º Stir until completely mixed.
5º We recommend using mixing balls, preferably metallic ones.
6º Paints in worse condition may need to repeat the process several times, including the help of a sculpting tool or a metallic rod to force its mixing.


Can it be used with completely dry paint?
No, completely dry paint has no recovery.

Is this product simply a Thinner?
No, it has nothing to do with it. This product is a revitalizer medium for acrylics that will return the fluidity and consistency which have been lost over time to your paints, whilst maintaining the properties of the original paint.

Adding Thinner will modify the basic properties of the paint, and if we add water we may improve the condition of the paint in the short term, but it will dry faster eventually. The revitalizer maintains the fluidity and consistency of the original paint that's way it will be always the best option.

Does it work with all the brands in the market?
It works with all those we have tried it on, however we can not guarantee 100% due to the great diversity of paints and brands existing all over the world.

What is the amount or proportion needed?
We can not give a formula, since it will depend on the state of the paint.
However, we recommend a periodic maintenance of the paints adding a little revitalizer so that they stay as good as possible as long as possible.

Is the recovery process instantaneous?
Normally yes, although paints in worse condition may need a time of rest for the product to take effect.

Product Details


Producto imprescindible para recuperar pinturas que hace tiempo que no usabas y están secándose.



He podido recuperar pinturas que estaban a punto secarse, Hay que mover durante un buen rato, pero el final el resultado es bastante bueno. Siempre tendré un bote. de reserva.



J'étais un peu sceptique lors de mon achat, mais j'ai rapidement été ravi ! Le revitalizer permet de retrouver une belle viscosité, j'ai pu sauver quelques anciens pots de peinture ! :)


Not a miracle cure, but works

The Paint Revitalizer brings back to life paints that are too dry or gloppy to function anymore. You need to add quite a lot of it (several milliliters, depending on how badly dried up your paint is) and mix, mix, mix, mix and mix. The paint, in my experience, does not revert fully back to its original form, but can at least be used as a paint again. Good product as it dissolves paint clumps rather efficiently and makes them usable again, but do not think this is some kind of magic tool where you just add one drop and your fully dried up paint is like new again. Still, definitely worth it for those of us who wrestle with dried up paints.


Complétement dingue !

Ce produit est juste incroyable ! J'ai pût sauver des pots qui était réduit à l'état de pâte à modeler. Et sur toute celle un peu pâteuse, c'est le top. J'ai même pût reprendre une peinture avec suffisamment de médium et de diluant pour la passer à l'aéro.
A noter que, si vous utilisez des peintures Citadel, les vieilles peintures sont plus faciles à rattraper que les récentes. Et que ça ne marche pas du tout une fois la peinture complétement sèche !

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Paint Revitalizer 60ml

Paint Revitalizer 60ml

Paint Revitalizer 60ml

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