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    ABS Plasticard U-profile - 6x3mm | Other Profiles
    • ABS Plasticard U-profile - 6x3mm | Other Profiles

    ABS Plasticard U-profile - 6x3mm


      ABS Plasticard - Profile



      Plasticard profile for modelling

      A plasticard profile is a thin, flexible sheet made from various types of plastic, which is commonly used in modelling and miniatures. It is available in different thicknesses and sizes to suit different modelling needs. Plasticard profiles can be easily cut, shaped and glued to create various architectural details, textures and structural elements in modelling. They are often used in dioramas, wargaming terrain, architectural models and other projects.

      Plasticard profiles are made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic known as Plasticard. The generic term plasticard refers to a genre of plastics widely used in modelling. ABS plastic is the plastic used to make LEGO parts.

      The ideal glue for ABS plastics is cyanoacrylate. White glue can also be used, but it takes much longer to dry.

      Plasticard made from ABS also has thermoplastic properties, which allows the shape of the plastic to be altered with various heat sources.

      Profile length 250mm (around 10 inches)

      Thickness: 6x3mm

      This set includes 5+1 profiles 

      Warning: Due to the cutting of these U-shaped profiles, the ends of the strips may have deformations due to the cutting of the pieces. The U-shape may not have a right angle. For this reason, 5+1 pieces are included per package. 

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      ABS Plasticard U-profile - 6x3mm

      ABS Plasticard U-profile - 6x3mm

      ABS Plasticard - Profile

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