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Fluor Paint LIME
  • Fluor Paint LIME

Fluor Paint LIME


Fluorescent acrylic paint for decorating your figures and dioramas. 

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Fluor Paint - LIME

These opaque fluorescent acrylic paints will make your miniatures and dioramas vividly colourful. They are characterised by their highly intense brightness, reaching maximum brightness over white paint.

In addition, they react and glow under ultraviolet/black light, offering an infinite number of creative possibilites.

Non-toxic. Valid for brush and airbrush.

Content: 1x 17ml bottle

Available in various colors.

*This Paint may contain a protective seal, remove before use.

Product Details

Excellent coloring.

This paint made me try to come up with more ideas. Useful for beginners.


Quality flourescents

I've been using this as a glow effect for my monsterpocalypse planet eater models and it has been a joy to work with. The effect is obvious without the uv light and looks stunning with it shining. Better than the all the other miniature paint brands green fluorescent I have used. Inspired me to invest in the whole paint line.



I am very pleased with the coverage and even distribution of the particles in the paint, compared to my previous Phosphorescent paint, I only need to do one good pass to get the result I want. Paint dries with a matt green tinge similar to way watcher green glaze. I highly recommend this paint!

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Milliput Standard Yellow Grey

Fluor Paint LIME

Fluorescent acrylic paint for decorating your figures and dioramas. 

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