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Set x8 Fluor Paints | Fluorescent Paints
  • Set x8 Fluor Paints | Fluorescent Paints
  • Set x8 Fluor Paints | Fluorescent Paints
  • Set x8 Fluor Paints | Fluorescent Paints

Set x8 Fluor Paints


Set of Fluorescent paints - Valid for brush and airbrush.

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Set of Fluorescent paints

This set includes acrylic paints which are both opaque and fluorescent, giving your miniatures and dioramas a strikingly bright appearance. The intensity of their color is particularly noticeable when used on white surfaces.

What's more, these colors react to and emit light under ultraviolet or black light, opening up endless creative possibilities.

Fluor paint is a type of acrylic color that contains pigments that emit light when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. Their pigments are designed to absorb UV light and then re-emit it at a higher energy level, which causes them to appear bright and vibrant in the presence of UV light.

It's important to note that fluorescent paint is not the same as phosphorescent, which also glows in the dark but works by storing energy from light and releasing it slowly over time. Fluor paint requires a constant source of UV light to maintain its bright, vibrant appearance.

No toxic. Valid for brush and airbrush.

Content: 8 bottles of 17 ml each.

1x Lima Green
1x Yellow
1x Yelloange (Light orange)
1x Orange
1x Red
1x Rosa
1x Violet
1x Blue

Product Details

Some Great some not so much

So couple of things.
1) These are for small areas. Eyes, little figures extra. If you’re trying to cover any area bigger than half an inch though good luck on an even spread. Even after trying multiple ways/layers you’re not going to get a solid flat layer, which would be fine, but then the glow doesn’t come through evenly under the blacklight.
2) The colors under normal light all look fine
3) Not all the colors are created equal under the Blacklight
Green, Pink, and Orange (which comes out Yellow so is basically just a better yellow then Yellow) are all really good and solid. I’d put them up against any similar product
Yellow/Yellow-Orange/Orange all just come out as different intensities of Yellow (Orange being the most vibrant for whatever reason)
Red is basically just a Duller Pink.
If you really look you can see/find Blue properly 2nd worst color
Purple is invisible. The blacklight kind of shows purple though so I figure that’s why
Here’s the thing though. With the exception or maybe an Orange I haven’t found any product that does the florescence better with any of the problem colors I listed above. They all have issues with those colors. Green, Yellow, Orange and Pink are the only fluorescent I’ve ever seen made well


this is awesome!

I got these just to experiment a bit and have to say: they are awesome. I personally really like them to make some glow effects on energy weapons. Even without UV light they look very shiny and with UV it gets even better. Lots of possibilities to experiment with



Solo probe 4 de ellas, pero viendo los resultados, dudo que me decepcionen. sin duda es otro gran produucto que no deja indiferente .



A good set, but the violet paint does not react in any way to UV = (

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Set x8 Fluor Paints

Set x8 Fluor Paints

Set of Fluorescent paints - Valid for brush and airbrush.

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