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Balsa Stripper | Balsa stripping tool
  • Balsa Stripper | Balsa stripping tool
  • Balsa Stripper | Balsa stripping tool
  • Balsa Stripper | Balsa stripping tool
  • Balsa Stripper | Balsa stripping tool

Balsa Stripper


    Balsa stripping tool or Balsa Stripper has been designed to cut balsa sheets and other materials such as foamed PVC, plastics, cork, and other craft materials 

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    What is a Balsa Stripper used for?

    A Balsa Stripper tool is a device used in woodworking, particularly in the crafting of models, prototypes, and hobbyist projects involving balsa wood and many other materials. More specifically, it has been designed to accurately and efficiently cut thin strips from various soft materials such as foamed PVC, plastics, cork, and foams, making it versatile for various crafting needs.

    The precise strips that you can create, facilitate smooth and accurate assembly, ensuring that components and materials will fit together seamlessly. The maximum thickness allowed would be 6 mm and the width 1 mm to 25 mm.

    These strips are commonly used in different hobbies and crafts, such as:

    • Model building: Creating lightweight and precise components for model airplanes, boats, miniature bricks, and other miniature structures.
    • Architectural modeling: Constructing miniature models of buildings and other structures for design and presentation purposes.
    • Art and craft projects: Creating decorative elements, accents, and other details for various artistic creations.
    • DIY projects: Cutting strips for various applications, such as making custom frames, spacers, or other small components.

    How does a Balsa Strip Cutter work?

    The Balsa Strip Cutter utilizes uses a screw that runs vertically through the hobby tool with the sole function of setting the cutting width of the blade to a specified position and achieving precise control over the cutting process. The different width options are indicated in millimeters and inches.

    It has a carriage in the front that holds the standard blade. It has 2 positions to place the blade, one for left-handed and one for right-handed. You must place it in the most suitable position for your cutting style. When positioning the blade make sure that the tip of the blade is flush with the hobby cutting mat where you are working. If it is set too high, then the cuts may be incomplete and require several passes on both sides of the material to be cut.

    A wheel in the tool head allows to lock or unlock its sliding to set the width to cut. This is a simple but effective mechanism. It works like a tap, but by holding the centerpieces of the tool body, it fixes the with to cut and provides stability.

    Embossed markings in millimeters and inches allow precise selection of the width to be cut which allows it to be used in different metric systems without any problem. The gray color of the tool makes the markings easy to see.

    The long support line with a total length of 15 cm will help you to rest materials flat and slide comfortably. This extra-long part will allow you to make cuts without bending the blade at the end of each cut.

    How to assemble a balsa stripping tool?

    This is sold unassembled, but assembly is extremely simple. Join the 2 larger pieces together using the center rail, parts 3 and 1 from the picture below. Then add the center screw (parts 5 and 6) and then the 2 small screws that hold the blade (part 4). 

    Balsa Stripper | balsa strip cutter

    What are its advantages compared to other cutting methods?

    There are several advantages to using a Balsa Stripper compared to other cutting tools like utility knives, scissors, or rotary cutters:

    • Precision: The size of the support area for the materials, as well as its dimension, ensures consistent and accurate strip width, eliminating the potential for uneven cuts and wasted material.
    • Control: The dimensions of the tool and its ergonomic design allow for controlled and easy cutting, minimizing the risk of slipping or applying uneven pressure, which can happen with other hobby tools in the market.
    • Safety: The enclosed blade design and drawing it towards you minimize the risk of accidental cuts compared to using open blades like craft knives.
    • Efficiency: It allows for faster and more consistent cutting of multiple strips compared to manual methods using knives or scissors.
    • Versatility: The ability to handle various soft materials such as foamed PVC, plasticard plastics, and cork, makes it a multi-purpose tool for different crafting needs.

    How do you use a Balsa Stripper?

    Here's a general guide on how to use it:

    1. Secure the material: Place what you want to cut on a flat and stable surface. Use clamps or double-sided tape to secure it if needed.
    2. Setting the desired width: The user adjusts the guides to the desired width for the strips they wish to cut. For that, just move the blade to the raised mark in millimeters and inches and tighten the locking screw. This allows for precision in determining the thickness of the strips. Then place the material with the blade aligned at the starting point of the cut. Ensure the direction is correct based on your desired strip length.
    3. Resting Material: Place flat what you want to cut in position on the long support line. This support line ensures stability and straightness of the material during the cutting process.
    4. Cut the strip: With the material securely positioned, draw the tool towards you along the long support line, applying gentle and consistent pressure. The blade slices through the wood, creating strips of consistent width as determined by the previously set cutting width. The screw mechanism will ensure the blade maintains the set width throughout the cut.
    5. Repeating the Process: If you need multiple strips of the same width, reposition the stripper and repeat steps 3 and 4, producing multiple uniform strips of whichever soft material you are working with.

    The long support line provided by the tool is crucial for maintaining the straightness of the material. If the support area is insufficiently long, the material may bend or could be accidentally displaced during its use, resulting in uneven or inconsistent strips. Conversely, if the tool is too small, it may become unwieldy and challenging for the user to hold steady, potentially leading to incomplete or faulty cuts.

    Where can I buy a Balsa Stripper?

    You can buy balsa stripper directly from its manufacturer Green Stuff World and also from various online retailers specializing in hobby and craft supplies, as well as from model-building shops carrying our products. Additionally, some hardware stores might carry them too. Buying directly from the manufacturer or one of their resellers will guarantee fast shipping.

    What is included in this set:

    1x Balsa Stripping Tool
    10x blade #11

    Patent number 015031689

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    Balsa Stripper

    Balsa Stripper

    Balsa stripping tool or Balsa Stripper has been designed to cut balsa sheets and other materials such as foamed PVC, plastics, cork, and other craft materials 

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