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Brush Soap - Cleaner and Preserver | Brush Cleaning
  • Brush Soap - Cleaner and Preserver | Brush Cleaning
  • Brush Soap - Cleaner and Preserver | Brush Cleaning

Brush Soap - Cleaner and Preserver


Brush Soap - Cleaner and Preserver | Brush cleaner

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Brush Soap

Brush soap is a cleaning product specifically designed for removing oils, acrylics, watercolors, stains, and varnishes from paint brushes, whilst preventing the accumulation of paint on the splint. Brush soap has been made from a mixture of soap and other cleaning agents, and is formulated to clean and preserve them effectively while also conditioning the bristles to help maintain their shape and quality.

To use this soap cleaner, you simply wet the brush, work a small amount of soap into the bristles, gently lather against a towel or paper, and then rinses the brush with water. Repeat this process as needed until the brush is clean and free from paint and other materials.

Brush Cleaner and Preserver is a convenient and effective way to clean them and is especially useful for artists who work with water-based paints since it will restore, condition, and preserve the bristles of the hobby paint brushes. Unlike solvent-based cleaners, which can be harsh on the bristles and have strong odors, brush soap is gentle and typically has a pleasant scent.

It is important to choose a brush soap that is appropriate for the type of paint being used, as using the wrong type of soap can damage the bristles. Regular cleaning with brush soap can help to extend the life of your paintbrushes and keep them in good condition for future use.

It is highly recommended to also use a Brush rinser, which is a convenient tool for cleaning paint brushes, as they allow you to quickly rinse the bristles without having to touch them with your hands. This can help to minimize the risk of bristles bending or fraying, and can also help to keep the bristles clean and free from paint residue.

Allergen-free. Compatible with cosmetic brushes.

This set includes a 17 ml pot.

Product Details

really great

keep brush soft and in form


Just Great.

Let's put it simple, the soap is just FANTASTIC, I never use something to clear my brushs and it's just magic !! Most of my friends just buy it.



No estaba seguro de la utilidad de este producto, ahora os puedo decir que es esencial, limpia los pinceles de manera fabulosa , 100% recomendable por el precio que tiene


Funciona a la perfección

Me ha sorprendido muy gratamente el limpiador. No solo he podido limpiar los pinceles nuevos, sino que los más antiguos han quedado fenomenal.
Muy recomendable!!!

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Brush Soap - Cleaner and Preserver

Brush Soap - Cleaner and Preserver

Brush Soap - Cleaner and Preserver | Brush cleaner

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