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Brown Stuff Tape 36,5 inches WITH GAP


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Brown Stuff Tape 36'5 inches - ALUMINIUM PUTTY WITH GAP between both materials to extend its lifetime and avoid any waste of material.

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Kneadatite Brown Stuff it is a room-temperature curing two-part epoxy/polyamide putty. Excellent adhesion to metal, and 90 minutes of worklife. 

Brown Stuff is similar to Green Stuff but sets slightly harder and remains malleable. Bown Stuff has a thicker consistency so it is a little easier to work with for beginners. Brown Stuff can be mixed with other putties to vary the carving and working texture and also the final hardness.

Cures very hard, great for finer details such as sharp tips, points, weapon blades, armours, and other hard-line details.

Both strips of material in the package are not in contact, to avoid waste of material.

This set contains 36'5 inches of material --> 92 cm WITH GAP between both materials to extend its lifetime and avoid any waste of material.



Fantastic Product

I was forced to buy this from the States, before GSW started selling it. It originally cost me a fortune getting it shipped. It was always half cured too, This product on the other hand is cheap, really fresh and a wonder to sculpt with. Highly recommended. Can be sanded and filed extremely easily. Far more forgiving and easy to work with than Green. Highly Recommended.

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Very sticky!

Is incredibly sticky to work with, gets stiff within minutes. Other than that, wonderful!

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I'll take Brown Stuff, you can keep the rest

As an enthusiastic, yet pretty amateur sculptor, I've been messing with a lot of different putties and clays:

Green Stuff, ProCreate, Magic-sculpt, Miliputt, super sculpy, BeeSPutty, DAS (air drying), FIMO.

That includes mixing various concoctions and ratios of ProCreate, Magic-Sculpt and GreenStuff.

What I'd say is you can keep the rest. I'm sticking with the Brown.

It's less sticky than green, but more sticky than ProCreate. This means that is doesn't delaminate like ProCreate (especially when using vaseline). And not so sticky that it clings to tools, instead of the model.

It sets hard like Magic-Sculpt, which is great for carving. At the same time, it's nowhere near as soft as Magic-Sculpt, so it doesn't tend to spin around the armature.

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