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Dual-action GSW Airbrush 0.3mm
  • Dual-action GSW Airbrush 0.3mm
  • Dual-action GSW Airbrush 0.3mm
  • Dual-action GSW Airbrush 0.3mm
  • Dual-action GSW Airbrush 0.3mm

Dual-action GSW Airbrush 0.3 mm


Green Stuff World Quality Airbrush

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Dual-action Airbrush 0.3mm

This airbrush is made of high-quality precision components that enable it to work efficiently while providing exceptional accurate spray control. Very sturdy and comfortable to use.

Technical data:
Tapered gravity feed cup
0.3mm needle/nozzle
Type: Double-action
Control valve for adjusting the air pressure during spraying
Cup Capacity: 7cc
Colour: Silver and Green

Package includes:
1 x Airbrush
1 x Eye Dropper
1 x Nozzle Wrench
1 x Hose Connector 1/8"

What is an airbrush and what is it used for?

An airbrush is a small, portable tool that sprays a fine mist of paint or other liquid through a nozzle by using compressed air. 

It is often used to create smooth, even coverage on surfaces such as miniatures, models, paper, canvas, or even skin, and can be used to apply a variety of materials, including acrylic paint, inks, and makeup. Airbrushes are often used by modelers, artists, makeup artists, and other professionals in the creative arts, as well as hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts.

The tool consists of a cylinder or reservoir for holding the liquid, a nozzle through which the liquid is sprayed, and a trigger or button that controls the flow of air and liquid. Some airbrushes also have adjustable settings for controlling the flow and spray pattern of the liquid.

Product Details


El Pack de este compresor y Aerografo 0.3 Geniales. Muy contento con la compra.


Top pour commencer

Si vous ne saviez pas vers quelle marque vous tournez pour démarrer l'aéro, vous pouvez prendre celui là. Le matos est de qualité et simple d'utilisation. Seul bémol pour moi, la buse est si petite qu'un serrage un poil trop fort la cassera. Donc n'utilisez la clé que pour dévisser pour éviter les erreurs =)



Works like a charm and gives very good results for undercoating and base coating models.

The handle is light on your finger and gives a very nice control.

The best thing about the airbrush is how much space inside the cup.
This makes it very easy putting paint inside and cleaning it.

This is good quality for the prize, and I highly recommend this for everyone new to airbrushing.

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Dual-action GSW Airbrush 0.3 mm

Dual-action GSW Airbrush 0.3 mm

Green Stuff World Quality Airbrush

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