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Airbrush Cleaning Pot | Airbrushing Accessories
  • Airbrush Cleaning Pot | Airbrushing Accessories
  • Airbrush Cleaning Pot | Airbrushing Accessories
  • Airbrush Cleaning Pot | Airbrushing Accessories
  • Airbrush Cleaning Pot | Airbrushing Accessories
  • Airbrush Cleaning Pot | Airbrushing Accessories

Airbrush Cleaning Pot


Airbrush Cleaning Pot | Airbrush pot cleaner

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Airbrush Cleaning Pot with holder

An airbrush pot is a device that is used to clean the airbrush during and after use. It is a container that is specifically designed to collect and dispose of excess paint, and other residues that are generated during the airbrushing process.

The cleaning pot consists of a main container with a filter at the bottom, which catches and separates any paint or other debris preventing any contaminants, acrylic paints, or solvents from being recirculated back into the air when using it. The container also has a built-in holder, which provides a convenient and secure place for holding your painting tool during the cleaning sessions.

How to clean airbrush? just place it into the holder and spray into through the hole. The excess paint and other liquids will flow through the filter into the bottom of the container, leaving only vaporized fluids behind. The user can repeat this process until it is completely clean. If it fills up, the lid can be removed and emptied into a sink, and if the filters wear out, there are spare filters available to continue using it indefinitely. We recommend using it always together with our airbrush cleaner liquid to avoid clogging of paint residues.

Vaporizing all color residues into the air to empty the cup is not a good idea as this produces a higher concentration of vaporized liquids that can potentially be breathed in. Once is fine, but it can often be harmful if you do not work in ventilated areas or with respiratory masks.

It helps keep your workspace organized and minimizes the risk of accidentally knocking over. It is an essential airbrushing tool for any miniature painter, as it helps to keep your painting tools ready and functioning properly. Regular washing is important to ensure that it operates smoothly and to prevent clogs or other problems that can impact the quality of the finished product.

The lid to cover the tool when not in use helps prevent accidental spills and keeps the cleaning solution or solvent contained, reducing the risk of messes and exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Great for small, enclosed workspaces with minimal ventilation. 

1. Jar size: 7x9cm (Height x Diameter) (2.76 x 3.54 inch)
2. Color: Black, Gray
3. Weight: 14.6 oz / 414 g

Package Includes:
1 x Glass Jar
1 x Airbrushing Holder
1 x Pot Stabilizer
3 x Filter


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If you have an airbrush, this is a must have! It works great at capturing the remaining fluid from your airbrush, and then cleans up easily. Great product.

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Airbrush Cleaning Pot

Airbrush Cleaning Pot

Airbrush Cleaning Pot | Airbrush pot cleaner

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