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Acrylic Wet Palette | Wet Palette
  • Acrylic Wet Palette | Wet Palette
  • Acrylic Wet Palette | Wet Palette
  • Acrylic Wet Palette | Wet Palette

Acrylic Wet Palette


GSW's Acrylic wet palette | Wet Palette, keeping paint fresh and ready.


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Miniature Wet Palette

The GSW Wet Pallete is a palette that, as opposed to traditional palettes, delays the natural drying process of the paint to be used. This makes the paint on the palette remain usable for longer, allowing you to have longer painting sessions without wasting paint and keeping it fresh.

Suitable only for acrylic paints. It is ideal for warm and dry environments.

Size: 182x132mm (useful work area)


  • 1 Wet Pallete tray with a lid
  • 50-sheet refill of Sulphurized semi-permeable paper
  • 2 Sanitized® treated sponges in White color
  • 1 Elastic band
  • Complete instruction manual with tips and tricks

Hydro Paper

Sulphurized semi-permeable paper with high-strength grammage and a semi-translucent finish. It permits the absorption of water without letting paint through. Has right-angled corners to fit well with the GSW Wet Palette.


Hydro Foams

High-performance hydro foam pads for GSW's Wet Palette. High-thickness hydrophilic foam for increased fluid retention, whilst preventing wrinkles when drying out.

Treated by Sanitized® to prevent mould and impurities, ensuring their longevity and capability to be reused. This treatment is not infinite, so it will lose effectiveness against fungi with time, water changes, and high temperatures. There is no minimum or maximum date from which the fungi will be generated, but good conservation will extend its effectiveness for many months.


Product Details

Buona wet palette

Acquistata insieme a degli amici un paio di settimane fa. Ottima assorbenza della spugna, mantiene gli acrilici utilizzabili a lungo, sempre ricordandosi di bagnare la spugna alla necessità, al momento sono riuscito a mantenere vivi i colori anche per più di una settimana



Comme bcp de personne, pour débuter je me suis bricoler une avec Tupperware mais bon ce n'est pas top, j'arrive sur le site et impossible de s'en passer a ce prix la et de très bonne qualité, encore bravo GSW vous êtes sur tous les sites que j'ai chercher c'est encore votre produits le meilleur qualité prix


A must buy

This one is amazingly great. I've had same paints on the sheet for over a month and they are still reactivable with water. That always suprises me because i didnt find other wet palettes to be so effective.


simple, sencilla, practica

muy buen producto. Lo que mas me guata de ella es su hidrofoam , realmente absorvente. y lo mejor es que tiene repuestos a buen precio. relacion precio/calidad, inmejorable


Práctica y manejable

Paleta de buena calidad de un buen tamaño para el hobie de las minis. Tube un problema con la esponja y me.mandsron una sustitución, eso dice que esta tienda es de 10. Comprare muchas más cosas aquí.


Nice little palette.

I've been a wet palette user for about 5 years now, and this one is great. I love the sponge material and the paper that came with it. The box seems sturdy, and well put together. It seals nicely but not to tight. I own palettes from two other companies, but I think they are going to be sitting on the sidelines. Some might think that it is a little small, but I like the compact size. Thanks for putting out a great product.

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Acrylic Wet Palette

Acrylic Wet Palette

GSW's Acrylic wet palette | Wet Palette, keeping paint fresh and ready.

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