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Chaos Symbols and Runes | Photo etched Runes
  • Chaos Symbols and Runes | Photo etched Runes
  • Chaos Symbols and Runes | Photo etched Runes
  • Chaos Symbols and Runes | Photo etched Runes

Chaos Symbols and Runes


Best chaos rune and chaos symbol for decorating.

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Chaos Symbols and Runes

This assortment includes 300 chaos-themed runes, symbols, and signs, each masterfully crafted from brass photo-etched model parts, featuring the enigmatic chaos star among the designs. Select from 12 distinct variations, meticulously organized into separate compartments for your convenience. These intricate pieces are ideal for enhancing the armor, weapons, and banners of your models and miniatures, as well as adorning dioramas with a touch of pandemonium. For optimal application, we suggest using small amounts of CA glue.

Approximate thickness of characters: 0.26mm
Size: 2-4mm
Quantity: 300 characters (25 units of each character)

NOTICE: Due to the small thickness and size of the pieces, some could come out of the separator disk, or change compartment.

Can you use Chaos symbols to customize Warhammer miniatures for better gameplay?

In the Warhammer universe, chaos stars symbolizing the forces of anarchy and destruction can be integrated into a vast array of settings and items:

  • Space Marine Armor: These stars can be attached to the Space Marines turned renegade to denote their new loyalties. They can be placed prominently on shoulder guards, breastplates, and helmets.
  • Daemon Engines: Monstrous vehicles of war such as the Defiler could have these ornaments into their metallic skins or forged into the framework to signify the dark powers imbuing them.
  • Warrior Shields: The heavy shields wielded by the Warriors of the dark gods often bear these runes to show their allegiance and to terrify their foes.
  • Banners and Flags: Regimental standards and personal ensigns carried into battle can be adorned with these stars to serve both as an icon of fear and a rallying point.
  • Battlefields: In the grim landscapes where these forces tread, these can be scattered amidst the terrain, on dilapidated structures, or across the scenes of battle to depict the area's corrupted nature.
  • Weapons: Blades, axes, and other implements of war, especially those belonging to champions, can be detailed with the stars to represent their unholy blessings.
  • Cultist Enclaves: Secretive meeting spots or altars used by cult followers could be marked with these emblems to signify their devotion.
  • Arcane Rituals: Robes, staffs, and the very circles used by sorcerers for summoning might be adorned with these potent symbols to enhance their magical rites.

These pieces can transform the aesthetic of models and dioramas, offering a visual shorthand for the dark powers at play within the Warhammer narrative.

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Tiny runes that really add something to miniatures and dioramas. I love them, my slaanesh armies are glorious!


These are wonderful, I can't recommend these enough! I look forw

I was originally worried that these would be very flexible, but they are honest somewhat difficult to bend which is exactly what I was hoping for. If I may make a recommendation, I would suggest gear designs of these.


runes naines

whouaaa! superbe boulot! j'adore les détails!

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Chaos Symbols and Runes

Chaos Symbols and Runes

Best chaos rune and chaos symbol for decorating.

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