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Paint Remover 240 ml | Paint Stripper
  • Paint Remover 240 ml | Paint Stripper
  • Paint Remover 240 ml | Paint Stripper

Paint Remover 240 ml


Paint remover for miniatures | Miniature Paint Stripper for removing acrylic, enamel, and lacquer-based paints.

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Paint Stripper 240 ml

GSW paint remover for miniatures is a powerful and effective product that is capable of removing acrylics, enamels, and lacquers from a variety of surfaces, including plastic, resin, and metal miniatures. This is completely safe for use on miniatures and will not damage or weaken the material if it is used correctly. To avoid any type of problems, test the product for a very short period of 30 minutes to an hour, this safety test will give you an idea of the resistance of the material. It is also reusable and has a low evaporation rate, which means it will last for a long time and has a very low smell, making it easy to use in any workspace.

To use it, simply partially submerge your miniature in the solution for a time ranging from one to six hours, depending on the type of color that you are trying to remove. Then, rinse the miniature with water and use a synthetic brush to remove any product excess. If it does not come off completely after the first treatment, you can simply repeat the process until all colors are removed to your satisfaction.

This product comes in a convenient 240 ml container, which should be more than enough for most projects. However, it is important to note that the product has been tested with a large number of plastics, metals, and resins, but new formulas and qualities of these materials continue to appear on the market.

Content: 240ml


  • If you are using this product on a resin that is very brittle or weak, or if you are in doubt about the strength of your plastic or resin, it is recommended that you test a small piece for a shorter time to confirm its strength.
  • Additionally, if your figures were spray-primed, there is a risk that they could show defects in the plastic or resin when the colors are removed due to the strong propellants included in the sprays.

Overall, it is a reliable and effective product that is perfect for anyone who needs to remove colors from miniatures or other surfaces. It is easy to use and will help you achieve the best possible results with minimal effort.

The best Paint Stripper

Green Stuff World miniature paint stripper is the result of 2 years of research and testing. It is currently considered the best paint stripper on the market because of the following features: it is a semi-acrylic mix with low evaporation, low odor, reduced price, completely reusable, and highly effective.

Paint remover for miniatures | Miniature Paint Stripper for removing acrylic, enamel, and lacquer-based paints.

How to remove paint from plastic models? 

As general advice, you should avoid using any toxic miniature paint stripper. The fact that you are buying it in your nearest supermarket does not mean that it is not dangerous, basically because although it may have more or less good results, they are not products designed for this function.

Removing colors from plastic models can be done using several methods, but it's essential to proceed with caution to avoid damaging the underlying plastic. Some products can easily melt or melt the miniatures themselves. Here are a few effective techniques:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol: Soak the plastic model in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours or overnight. This can soften the colors, making it easier to remove with a soft brush or toothpick. Ensure proper ventilation when using isopropyl alcohol. This product evaporates easily, breathing the vapors is considered toxic, damages the skin easily, and can be reused very few times. To be effective, the alcohol must be heated in a microwave oven with an additional risk component in case it catches fire.
  • Acetone or Nail Polish Remover: Acetone can be very effective, but it's essential to test it on a small, inconspicuous area of the plastic first to ensure it won't cause damage. Apply a small amount of acetone to a cotton swab or cloth and gently rub the painted areas until the colors soften and can be removed. Acetone is one of the most toxic solvents in nature and has a high potential to melt or deform plastics and resins with which it comes in contact. It is toxic in contact with the skin and respiratory tract.
  • Brake fluid: It works too, but the problem with this stuff is that it is quite aggressive and very toxic, so it will sooner or later eat up your miniature and probably damage your hands as well. Be careful with this stuff!
  • Green Stuff World Paint Remover: It is simply the best option currently on the market. It has an acrylic base, low odor, low evaporation, and can be reused many times. The figure should not be submerged for it to act, and in a matter of 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the type of colors and materials that you used, it has unmatched results.

Regardless of the method used, it's crucial to take precautions to protect yourself and your work area, such as wearing gloves and working in a well-ventilated space. After removing it, thoroughly clean the plastic model with soap and water to remove any remaining residue.

Stripping paint with an ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic baths are small devices used for cleaning all kinds of things. You put what you want to clean inside the cleaner tub, then fill it with a mix of Warhammer Paint Remover for miniatures and Water, diluted at 50%, close the lid, and start a program. Working with only water will not give the same results.

In general works well with loose and big pieces, but it may be a bit too much for reaching the inner parts of a miniature.

Ultrasonic cleaners can be the answer to strip off your miniatures, but you can get more or less the same results with chemicals and an old toothbrush, but an ultrasonic cleaner is easier. At least, the ultrasonic cleaner will be faster than using chemical solutions.

The ultrasonic bath can be quite expensive, but if you are going to use it for other things such as cleaning your airbrush, it might be worth it.

Types of model paint stripper

There are several different types of model paint stripper available, including:

  • Solvent-based: These are chemicals that dissolve the colors and can be effective at removing multiple layers. However, they can be harmful to the skin, and inhaling the vapors can be dangerous.
  • Heat guns: These tools use high heat to soften and loosen the colors, making it easier to scrape them off. However, they can be dangerous to use and can cause damage to the surface underneath if not used carefully. Not recommended for working with plastic or resin figures, it could melt them.
  • Sanding: Sanding can be effective, but it can be time-consuming and may not work well on thick layers.
  • Scraping: A putty knife or other flat tool can be used to scrape off the colors. This method works best on thin layers and may not be effective on thick layers.
  • Chemical strippers: These products are specifically designed to remove the colors and are available in both liquid and gel forms. They work by breaking down old painted colors, making it easy to scrape off.

It's important to choose the one that is appropriate for the types of colors that you are trying to remove and to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Wear protective gear, including gloves and goggles, when using any type of these products to remove the painted colors off your miniatures.

Where to buy Greenstuffworld Paint Remover?

Looking for a powerful and effective product? Look no further than GSW Paint Remover for miniatures! This product is capable of removing acrylicsmetallics, enamel, and lacquer-based from a variety of surfaces, including plastic, resin, and metal miniatures. It is available to buy at Green Stuff World, so be sure to check it out!

Product Details


Testé sur de la figurine en résine. Décapage au top, peinture et sous couche. Pas de souci sur les détailles de la résine.



L'ho provato questa mattina su un kit in resina che sto preparando, fantastico, il colore è venuto via immediatamente e senza dover usare tanto prodotto, lo ricomprerò sicuramente.



Basically magic, paint was flying off the pewter and plastic minis I dumped in it.
Only thing I'll point out is be careful when squirting it. I was squirting it into a tub and maybe put a tiny bit too much pressure on it and the cap flew off spilling it everywhere but thankfully mostly into the tub.
Great stuff.


Must have in your tool kit!

The BEST! Multi-use paint stripper for a modeler on the market. White metal, resin, plastic safe! So far stripped 40+ 2nd hand models with 2bottles. Highly recommend!!!


Works as intended

Excellent Product... Mistakes Be Gone!


Lo imposible hecho posible

Creía que NUNCA iba a encontrar un producto que funcionase con absolutamente cualquier material, pintura o miniatura...pero llegué a esto. Las ha dejado casi como de fábrica con solo unas horas.


fait tres bien sont boulot

tres bon produit decapent , au bout de 10mn j'ai reussi a décaper le bras d'une figurine , le produit ne ramolit pas le plastique , il est tres efficace , on peut utiliser un pinceau pour l'apliquer sur une zone définie , je m'en suit servie pour nettoyer mon aerographe et pour l'instant pas de probleme avec mes joint , donc si pas de probleme avec l'aero vous pouver l'utiliser pulverisé sur de grosse figurine qui ne peuvent pas prendre de bain du a leur taille , je recommande ce produit


Eficacia 100%

Soy un habitual decapador, ya que me surgen ideas nuevas cada vez que termino una figura, a parte de los rescates realizados en ebay y wallapop. He usado muchos, muchos tipos distintos de decapantes, e incluso he intentado importar alguno del extranjero, pero tenía algunas miniaturas a las que era imposible quitar la pintura. En concreto 3 tipos:
1- Miniaturas imprimadas doblemente con spray blanco y después con uno rojo. No sé qué marca son ni el tipo, pero lo máximo que había conseguido era eliminar un poco la capa superior de rojo, dejando intacta la blanca de abajo. Con este producto, he conseguido eliminar completamente la roja, y la 95% la blanca.
2- Miniaturas pintadas con pinturas Humbrol de enamel. Con todos los productos anteriores, ninguna mella. Con este decapante. la pintura se cae poniéndola debajo del agua.
3-Miniaturas pintadas hace más de 30 años, con capas y capas y capas. Tampoco había conseguido hacerle mella nunca, ni siquiera a la capa superior, lo único un poco de perdida de color. Con este producto, desaparición completa. Se puede retirar la pintura incluso con la mano.

Completamente satisfecho, y es una pena que no lo vendan en envases más grandes.


Did i paint this?

That is what you will be asking yourself, as a bath in this product will erase any proof that you ever painted the model.

I used it on resin minis, plastic minis, even a RC Mini-Z whitebody kit. Strips it all whitout damaging the product. Fast working too, i could begin scrubbing off paint after just 2 minutes, after 10 mins only the deepest recesses was left.

However keep this in mind; This is a chemical product!!, it smells bad and if you dont use gloves, you will experience a warm feeling on the skin that is in direct contact with the liquid.(not burning, just warmth) When you wash you hands with normal soap, the feeling will be gone after 15 mins.

Only downside to this product is that it dont come in bigger bottles.


Elimina la pintura y no daña el plastico.

La he probado con varias marcas de miniaturas y con varios tipos de pintura y en todos los casos elimina el 99% de la pintura. Una vez olvide que tenia un par de miniaturas de plastico de marines sumergidas y 10 horas despues las saque sin ningun daño. Recomendable 100%



Si alguien me dijera resúmeme este producto en una sola palabra esa sería Magia.
Con miniaturas de metal sin problema y con las de plástico simplemente es magia. Quita la pintura de las miniaturas de plástico sin estropear el plástico, sin dejar manchas, sin residuos.
Consejo para utilizar:
Dejar la mini (metal o plástico) un par de horas y comprobar, mojar un cepillo de dientes en el producto y frotar. Si aún hay algo de pintura que no ha salido entonces dejarla más tiempo. Yo he dejado minis de plástico de Games Workshop durante dos días y de verdad que el plástico estaba intacto.
Si tienes un ejército que quieras repintar hazte con un par de litros de este producto y dale caña


Increíbles resultados

Hace poco volví al hobby y me ha dado por querer repintar mi ejército de Orcos y Goblins de sexta. Bien, de momento, con las figuras de metal está teniendo un resultado muy bueno, más allá de lo esperado. Muy recomendable, ha acabado con manos y manos de pintura. A ver qué tal las minis de plástico.


The best paint remover ! Le meilleur decapant pour la peinture

This is definitely the best paint remover I ever used. Low toxicity, and awesome effectiveness. I usually remove paint with Glanzer or Acetone but it won't always work. I used GSW Paint remover on some of the strongest paint around : Army Painter primer used on plastic GW miniatures. It worked perfectly , after 2 washes the models are as new ! I highly recommend it ! Respect the method of use for maximum effectiveness , use a brush. Définitivement le meilleur décapant peinture sur le marché ! Biodégradable et peu toxique il est supérieur au Glanzer. J'ai utilisé la sous couche couche de base d'Army Painter aux pigments super forts sur des spaces marines figurines plastiques , rien n'arrivait à enlever la peinture, ni glanzer ,ni decap four . Après 2 bains de 8h mes figurines étaient comme neuves ! Je les ai mises dans un pot hermétique ( pot à foie gras ). Sans enlever le produit, en tenant la figurine avec un gant, je frotte la figurine avec un pinceau de taille moyenne imbibé du produit. Cela enlève les pigments des moindre recoins. J'ai sauvé des heures de travail de conversions grâce à ce produit excellent ! Je l'ai utilisé sur du des figurines en métal et la aussi il fait des miracles. je le recommande vivement ! 5/5 ! Merci à GSW pour avoir eu l'idée de produire ce décapant indispensable ! Le meilleur jamais testé ( et j'en ai testé un paquet ! )



Je ne m'attendais pas à autant d'efficacité : J'ai noyé ma figurine dans un verre à shooter, la peinture s'est totalement désagrégée en 2h.

Je n'ai pas eu à insister au moment de brosser. Même la sous-couche de Corax White est partie


The best

it's enough to leave the minis in the paint remover for 15 minutes and already they strip down easily. leave it for half an hour and after brushing gently with a tootbrush you get the original mini with no paint or primer left. I stripped both plastic and resin (finescast) minis and i couldn't be happier.


amazing please bring back

This product has completely helped me revamp an old army, strips perfectly, light toothbrushing and all the paints gone, please bring back into stock


Excellent product

So I watched the video and read the previous reviews and thought I would give this a try.
This is the BEST paint remover I've ever used. Far superior to Simple Green and a lot quicker on softening up the paint for removal.

This is a serious MUST HAVE for any hobbyist who wants to start over fresh on a painted model.


This really works quick!

Works really well. Would follow the 6 hours maximum instructions for plastic miniatures. Tested on Metal and Plastic miniatures.
Sadly it loses it's effect over time. Mine started to get blacker and blacker because of the primer. Started to lose it's effect and stopped working over time.


Best remover for your minis

WAY better than simple green or other removers I've tried. Left a painted part submerged for 20min, the paint just sloughed off, no damage to the model. No nasty chemical smells either!

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Paint Remover 240 ml

Paint Remover 240 ml

Paint remover for miniatures | Miniature Paint Stripper for removing acrylic, enamel, and lacquer-based paints.

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