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MDF Movement Trays - 120x60mm | Old World Movement trays
  • MDF Movement Trays - 120x60mm | Old World Movement trays
  • MDF Movement Trays - 120x60mm | Old World Movement trays

MDF Movement Trays - 120x60mm


    MDF Movement Trays, valid for Warhammer 


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    Movement Trays - 120x60mm

    MDF movement trays are very popular among wargame and miniatures game enthusiasts as they provide stability in the displacement of troops, and customization by unifying the formations of the units of your armies, in addition to their great compatibility with a multitude of game systems. They serve as a solid base for assembling, transporting, and displaying your wargame figures, enhancing both the gaming experience and the visual aesthetics of the battlefield. They help maintain a level playing field and accurately measure distances and unit displacements.

    This set is made of MDF wood and laser-cut with high precision. The base grid has been engraved to facilitate the placement of the figures and also has no edge, so the minis are completely glued to the edge of the movement bases so that, no space is created when joining two units facing each other. 

    They also incorporate a new system with pre-cut holes so you can easily open holes without using a modeling hand drill, where you can insert 5x2mm or 5x3mm neodymium magnets that will help you fix the trays of your miniature carry case. They are also compatible with the magnet sheets that would be glued on the lower part and with the metal sheets for magnets that would be glued on the upper part. In this way, the magnetized miniatures would be attached directly on top, and the whole set with the mini to the metal tray of the carrying case.

    Thickness: 3mm
    Bases: 2 per pack

    Warning: The interior space has a small perimeter gap of 1mm concerning the indicated size to improve the use of these trays when the bases inside are decorated. This 1mm gap also makes it easier to get miniatures in and out of very compact or very narrow formations. 

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    Milliput Standard Yellow Grey

    MDF Movement Trays - 120x60mm

    MDF Movement Trays, valid for Warhammer 

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