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Diorama Tree Trunks 120mm | Diorama Trees
  • Diorama Tree Trunks 120mm | Diorama Trees
  • Diorama Tree Trunks 120mm | Diorama Trees

Diorama Tree Trunks 120mm


    Plastic Diorama Tree Trunks

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    10x Diorama Tree Trunks 120mm

    Green Stuff World's Plastic Diorama Trunks have been designed to help hobbyists and artists create detailed, miniature tree structures for terrain, model landscapes, tabletop games, etc.

    This product is essentially a small-scale trunk, sized at 120mm, which is designed to be pliable and bendable so that it can be manipulated into various forms and shapes to mimic real-life structures. This flexibility allows for creating a wide variety of shapes and types, which can add more depth and realism to a scale model or scene.

    These armatures come unfinished, meaning they are essentially blank canvases. It's up to the modeler to add details like foliage, color, texture, etc. They can be coated with PVA glue and then covered with materials like foam foliage, moss, or miniature leaves to give them a lifelike appearance. After detailing, a layer of adhesive spray or hair lacquer can be added to protect the work and keep everything in place.

    This package contains 10 flexible plastic Armatures in 12cm.

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    Diorama Tree Trunks 120mm

    Diorama Tree Trunks 120mm

    Plastic Diorama Tree Trunks

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