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Master Medium 60ml
  • Master Medium 60ml

Master Medium 60ml


Multipurpose Master Medium for acrylic paints.

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Master Medium 60ml

A Master Medium for acrylic paints is a type of medium that can be added to acrylic paint to change its properties and make it behave more like oil paint. It can be used to increase the paint's ability to level, increase its transparency, extend colour, increase integrity, ease the flow of paint, extend its drying time, and add flexibility and adhesion.

If used together with earthy pigmentsmetallic pigmentsfluorescent pigments, or even luminescent pigments, you can create your own paint.

Valid for brush and airbrush.

Content: 1x 60ml bottle

How to mix master medium with acrylic paints

Here is a general guideline on how to mix acrylic mediums with acrylic paints:

  • Begin by squeezing a small amount of medium onto your wet palette.
  • Add a small amount of paint to the medium, and mix them together using a hobby paintbrush.
  • Gradually add more paint to the mixture, continuing to mix until the desired consistency is achieved.
  • Keep in mind that the more medium you add, the more the paint will be affected by the medium's properties, such as increasing the drying time or transparency.
  • It's advisable to start with small quantities and gradually increase the amount of medium as needed to achieve the desired consistency and effect.


Product Details

bon produit

permet de modifier la consistance de la peinture acrylique en la rendant plus fluide, je l'utilise particulièrement avec le pigment métal, excellent résultat réaliste


très bon produit

j'utilise souvent le medium avec les pigments or pour une meilleure dilution et retarder le temps de séchage pour une meilleure application


We need a video for this

We need a video, using this solution versus regular avrilic thinner! :)


Great addition to your paints

This product is very nice. It thins the paints nicely without changing the fluid properties. Much better than just using water. The bottle also makes dosing easy since you can drip one drop at a time, giving great control and saving medium.

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Master Medium 60ml

Master Medium 60ml

Multipurpose Master Medium for acrylic paints.

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