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    MDF Bases - Round 60mm
    • MDF Bases - Round 60mm

    MDF Bases - Round 60 mm


    MDF Bases - Round 60mm



    MDF BASES - ROUND 60mm 

    Top quality MDF bases for mounting wargames figures.

    Shape: Round
    Thickness: 3mm
    Bases: 5 per pack
    Product Details

    Excellent but could be more excellent

    I like these bases because it's easy to sculpt features onto the base using polymer clay and the base stays safe as the clay bakes.

    I have only one suggestion for improvement. GSW's plastic bases have wells on the bottom for placing magnets. I imagine it would cost almost exactly the same amount to produce mdf bases with a similar well or hole as it would to produce them without one. Why not an add an option for MDF bases with a magnet well?

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    Milliput Standard Yellow Grey

    MDF Bases - Round 60 mm

    MDF Bases - Round 60mm

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