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Fluor Acrylic Ink - Orange
  • Fluor Acrylic Ink - Orange
  • Fluor Acrylic Ink - Orange

Fluor Acrylic Ink - Orange


    Fluorescent Acrylic Ink for airbrush and paintbrush

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    Fluorescent Acrylic Ink - Orange

    GSW fluorescent acrylic inks stand out for their innovative formulation, combining high-quality pigments in an ultra-fluid liquid base. This product is distinguished by its fast drying, permanence, water resistance once dry, and exceptional fluidity. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for a wide range of artistic techniques, including painting model figures or miniatures, comics with paintbrush or fillable markers, and creating watercolor-like effects.

    These fluor inks offer intense, vibrant colors that remain vivid over time due to the new premium pigments used. They provide a smooth, matte finish that enhances the visual appeal of the final artwork by reducing glare. The fluorescent colors are bright and eye-catching, adding a dynamic, electrifying element to any piece. The inks are suitable for airbrushing, paintbrushes, and calligraphy without the need for dilution, making them convenient for various techniques. These inks work seamlessly with other GSW acrylic products and mediums, allowing for a cohesive and integrated approach to mixed media projects. 

    They can be used undiluted for concentrated, intense colors or diluted with mediums to achieve rich transparencies that add depth and subtlety to artworks. This flexibility allows artists to experiment and find the perfect composition balance.

    The product comes in a glass bottle with a dispensing pipette, allowing for precise application and control over pigment intensity. This design ensures that each drop is exactly as needed, enabling detailed and accurate work. The inks enable the creation of color filters, depth effects, and luminous works that captivate and inspire. Their transparency allows for subtle plays of light and color, creating sophisticated and enchanting visual effects. 

    Perfect for glazes and detailed painting in model figures and miniatures, these inks allow for intricate and lifelike finishes. Suitable for airbrush, paintbrush, and fillable marker techniques in comics and illustrations, they provide the flexibility to create bold lines and delicate details. They help achieve delicate, translucent layers that add a sense of depth and fluidity to artistic creations, making them ideal for watercolor effects. The inks also cater to calligraphy and lettering, providing artists with the tools to create with clarity, precision, and vibrant color. Whether aiming for bold, intense hues or delicate, transparent washes, these inks meet the demands of various artistic styles and techniques.

    Main characteristics:

    • Extremely pigmented.
    • Matte finishes
    • Fluorescent, fluid, and intense colors.
    • It is not necessary to dilute it to use it with an airbrush or in calligraphy.
    • Compatible with all other GSW acrylic products and mediums.

    Contents: 1 glass bottle of 30ml with dispensing pipette.
    RAL color: 2005
    Finish: matte
    Opacity: Semi-Transparent 

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    Fluor Acrylic Ink - Orange

    Fluor Acrylic Ink - Orange

    Fluorescent Acrylic Ink for airbrush and paintbrush

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