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Rotating Display Stand - Rotatable Display Stand
  • Rotating Display Stand - Rotatable Display Stand
  • Rotating Display Stand 136mm
  • Rotating Display Stand 136mm

Rotating Display Stand 136mm


Rotating display stand | Rotatable Display Stand for the photography and exhibition of your miniatures.

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Rotating Display Stand

The Rotating Display Stand is a versatile and practical tool for showcasing various items like miniatures and dioramas. Its features, such as the matte surface and rotational capabilities, make it an appealing choice for hobbyists, collectors, and photographers who want to capture the intricate details of their creations. The ability to power the rotation through batteries or a USB cable adds convenience and flexibility for different usage scenarios.

It is useful for scale modeling and taking pictures of miniatures for several reasons:

  1. 360-Degree Viewing: Scale models and miniatures often have intricate details that enthusiasts and hobbyists want to showcase. The rotating stand allows for a full 360-degree view of the item. This is especially beneficial when you want to capture every angle and detail, as it eliminates the need to handle the item manually, reducing the risk of damage.
  2. Consistent Lighting: When taking photographs, consistent lighting is crucial to capture the item's details accurately. This display turntable ensures that the miniature is evenly lit from all angles, reducing shadows and enhancing the visibility of details. This is particularly important for macro photography.
  3. Steady Shots: Maintaining a steady hand for extended periods while taking photos can be challenging, leading to shaky shots. This will eliminate this issue by providing a smooth, controlled rotation, resulting in crisp and clear images.
  4. Flexibility in Composition: The ability to control the rotation speed and direction on the Rotatable Display Stand offers flexibility in composition. You can choose the rotation speed that best suits your photography needs, whether it's a slow and controlled rotation to capture specific details or a faster spin for a dynamic shot.
  5. Hands-Free Operation: Its hands-free operation system allows photographers to focus on framing and capturing the perfect shot without the need for an extra pair of hands. This is especially useful when you're the sole photographer and need to manage the camera settings as well.
  6. Consistency in Presentation: When showcasing a collection of miniatures or scale models, this display turntable ensures a consistent and professional presentation. All items can be displayed in a uniform manner, making your collection look organized and appealing.
  7. Time Efficiency: Using this type of tool can save time during the photography process. You can quickly rotate the item to the desired angle without constantly repositioning it, making your photography session more efficient.
  8. Enhanced Product Videos: If you're creating videos to showcase your miniatures or models, the rotating stand can add dynamic movement to your content, making it more engaging for viewers.

Rotatable Display Stand Features

Power Supply: 3x AAA Type Batteries OR 18650 lithium battery (not included)
Also, includes a USB charging cable
Color: Black
Capacity: 1kg (2.20lbs)
Speed: 2/4/6 rounds per minute
Material: Safe eco-friendly ABS
Diameter: 136 mm

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Pas mal du tout pour exposer la figurine malgré des boutons un peu trop légers à mon goût. Les boutons ne correspondent pas tellement à la notice mais rien d'insurmontable.

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Rotating Display Stand 136mm

Rotating Display Stand 136mm

Rotating display stand | Rotatable Display Stand for the photography and exhibition of your miniatures.

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