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    Long Nose Plier | Modeling pliers
    • Long Nose Plier | Modeling pliers

    Long Nose Plier


      Long Nose Pliers | Needle nose pliers


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      What is a needle nose pliers?

      Needle nose pliers, also known as long nose pliers, are a type of hand tool commonly used in various applications, including DIY projects, electronics, jewelry making, and automotive work. They have a distinct design characterized by their long, narrow jaws that taper to a fine point.

      What are Long Nose Pliers used for?

      Needle nose pliers are versatile hand tools used for a wide range of tasks that require precision and control. Their long, narrow jaws and fine, pointed tips make them particularly useful for the following applications:

      1. Gripping and Holding: They can securely grip and hold small objects, such as miniature pieces, Warhammer bits, screws, wires, and components, especially in tight or hard-to-reach spaces.
      2. Bending and Shaping: They are useful for bending and shaping wires, metal sheets, or other materials to achieve specific angles or forms.
      3. Wire Work: they are commonly used in electrical work and electronics to twist, bend, and trim wires. The fine tips allow for precise wire manipulation.
      4. Jewelry Making: Jewelers use them to handle delicate jewelry components, such as beads, jump rings, and fine wires. They are essential for assembling and repairing jewelry.
      5. Crafts and Model Making: These tools are valuable in crafting and model-making projects that involve small parts, fine details, and intricate assembly.
      6. Soldering: When soldering electronics or small components, they can help hold components in place and position them correctly during the soldering process.
      7. Automotive Work: Automotive enthusiasts and mechanics use them for tasks like removing and installing small parts, holding and manipulating wires, and reaching tight spaces within an engine or vehicle.
      8. Home Repair: In DIY home repair and maintenance, they are handy for tasks like tightening nuts and bolts in tight spaces, fixing small appliances, and handling electrical connections.
      9. Model Railroading: Model railroad hobbyists often use them for track assembly, wiring, and fine detailing work on their layouts.
      10. Fishing: Anglers use them to remove hooks from fish, crimp fishing lines, and make adjustments to fishing gear.
      11. General Precision Work: Any task that involves working with small or delicate materials, such as hobbies, crafts, or fine mechanical work, can benefit from the precision and control offered by these great tools.

      Can needle nose pliers cut wire?

      Yes, they come equipped with a cutting-edge or side-cutting feature near the base of their jaws, allowing them to cut wires and other materials. These cutting edges are sharp and capable of cleanly cutting through various gauges of wire, such as electrical wires, jewelry wires, and even small metal or plastic rods.

      Although there are other models of precision pliers much more suitable for this task, when using them for cutting, it's essential to position the wire close to the base of the jaws, where the cutting edges are located. Squeeze them firmly and steadily to ensure a clean and precise cut. This feature eliminates the need for a separate wire cutter in many situations, making them even more versatile for various tasks.

      However, it's worth noting that their cutting capacity may vary depending on the design and quality of the tool. Thicker or tougher wires may require specialized flush-side wire cutters or larger cutting tools for efficient and clean cuts. 

      Content: 1 tool 12.5cm (4.5 inches) in length.

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      Long Nose Plier

      Long Nose Plier

      Long Nose Pliers | Needle nose pliers

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