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Cyanoacrylate Gel | CA glue gel
  • Cyanoacrylate Gel | CA glue gel
  • Cyanocrylate Adhesive - GEL formula
  • Cyanocrylate Adhesive - GEL formula

Cyanoacrylate Gel 20gr.


Cyanocrylate Adhesive - GEL FORMULA

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Cyanoacrylate Gel

This single component high viscosity no-drip gel cyanoacrylate adhesive is ideal for bonding porous materials or when controlling adhesive flow is critical. Offers maximum gap-filling and repositioning time. Drying time 5-10 seconds.

CONTENT: 1x 20gr. CA glue gel


- Use Glue tips available at our site to extend the lifetime of the bottles
- If you are not planning to use the CA glue for a long period of time prepare the glue for storage: remove the glue tip, clean and wipe your CA bottle nozzle and neck, and re-cap it.
- Make sure your CA glue is stored away from your CA Glue Activator. The accelerator gives off fumes (aerosols) just sitting there, which can cause CA glue to harden in the bottle prematurely. We recommend a zip-lock bag for the accelerator.

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permite trabajar para realizar ajustes, y una vez seca, sellado garantizado, la punta dosificadora, un valor añadido, no se seca, y no hay ke andar recortando.. dura meses yo llevo 6 meses con la misma, y como el primer dia.. gracias por vuestro trabajo


The very best

Doing dollhouse miniatures 1:24,1:48.
This is by far the best glue I've worked with.

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Milliput Standard Yellow Grey

Cyanoacrylate Gel 20gr.

Cyanocrylate Adhesive - GEL FORMULA

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