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Miniature ROOF TILE Punch


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Miniature ROOF TILE Punch perfect to create miniature roof tiles compatible with scales 1:76 1:48 1:43 1:35 1:30 and 1:22 .

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Miniature ROOF TILE Punch

Miniature ROOF TILE Punch perfect to create miniature tiles compatible with scales 1:76 1:48 1:43 1:35 1:30 1:22 . You can use various card board, paper, flexible metal foils (link), 0.5mm plasticard (link), 1mm Foamed PVC (link), among other materials. Flexible metal foil tiles may be curved.

Size of the tiles: 5x10mm

1. Eat a whole cornflakes box.
2. Keep the box.
3. Punch the box.
4. Fix the tiles to your diorama.



RED1:48 1:43 1:35 4 different
GREY1:48 1:43 1:35 4 different
DARK GREEN1:30 1:22 1:16Lime
LIGHT GREEN1:30 1:22 1:16Oak
LIGHT PURPLE1:48 1:43 1:35 Oak
DARK PURPLE1:48 1:43 1:35 Lime
LIGHT BLUE1:65 1:48 1:43Lime
ORANGE1:65 1:48 1:43Oak
MEDIUM GREEN1:30 1:22 1:16Maple
MEDIUM BLUE1:48 1:43 1:35 Maple
MEDIUM PURPLE1:80 1:76 1:65 1:48Maple
DARK GREY1:76 1:48 1:43 1:35 1:30 1:22Roof Tiles
YELLOW1:65 1:48 1:43 1:35 1:30 1:22Special
DARK BLUE1:65 1:48 1:43 1:35 1:30 1:22Special

Pantent number 003401629



Great quality punch!

Love this punch.
Due to only having one tile per punch, a large roof can cause a very tired hand, and if you have tendonitis in your wrists, be warned!

Otherwise, excellent quality, makes GREAT consistent roof tile punches. I used on a thin cereal box cardboard to upcycle it into a small house for D&D. Might have convinced my son to do some of the punching so I could take a break, haha :)

  • 7 out of 7 people found this review useful.

Very nice tiles.

I really like the size and I've found this very useful. I do wish there was a model with more punches though. It's very tedious and time consuming to punch out enough for a decent size roof.

  • 6 out of 7 people found this review useful.

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