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Portable Airbrush Compressor 32PSI


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Portable Airbrush Compressor by Green Stuff World

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Portable Airbrush Compressor

Portable airbrush compressor specially designed for priming, zenith lighting, large surfaces, scenery, varnishes... Not recommended for precision painting jobs. With very reduced weight and measurements, it can be easily carried anywhere. 90 minutes of USB charging allows you to use it for up to 30-45 minutes with a stable pressure of 30-32PSI (2 Bars). It can be used while charging, but it could reduce battery life.

It provides enough power and airflow to efficiently airbrush minis and figures anywhere with minimal noise (only 20dB), whether it's for a quiet outdoor painting session or for a tournament or gaming convention. Weighing a mere 200gr with a diameter of 38mm and a height of 132mm, you can carry it with you in your pocket.

Includes special adapters which permit the use of double-action airbrushes. Without these, double-action airbrushes would lose their function. Pressure regulators aren't included, so regulating pressure levels is done from the airbrush.


1x Portable Airbrush Compressor with 1/8' female adaptor
1x Adapter male 1/8' to male 1/8'
1x USB charging cable


Input Power: 5V
Out Power: 5W
Net Weight: 200gr.
Dimensions: 38mm diameter and 132mm height
Polymer Lithium battery: 8.4V, 850mAh
Charging time: 1.5-2 hours
Continuously working time: 40-60 min
Maximum pressure: 32 PSI
Airflow: 6-8 L/min
Work Pressure: 10-12 PSI


- Always work with airbrush paint or with normal paints diluted with at least 50% thinner.
- Recommended to be used with 0.5 airbrushes or higher.
- The Start & Stop system only works with double-action airbrushes.
- Allows use while charging but could damage battery life
- Turn off when not in use to avoid discharging and damaging the battery
- During the cleaning process, it is recommended to manually clean the airbrush through the cup as much as possible with the compressor turned off. This will avoid the compressor from shooting out the paint residue inside.
- When working with low pressure, check that the tip of the airbrush does not retain dry paint.
- To facilitate the maintenance of the airbrush, do not leave traces of paint to dry inside the bowl, and use an airbrush cleaner between colors so that the airflow is not affected by traces of paint.



Blew me away

This product is fantastic, easily set up and can be used with single and double action airbrushes, for a quick small job this is perfect. So I was able to paint an entire Tamiya KV-1 tank with one charge so it lasts a long time. But be careful if you use it continuously the connecting nut gets very hot so Is best used in short periods with intermissions to allow the unit to cool down. But this is something I would recommend as a must-have for any serious modeller. I bought this one as GSW is a reliable company, but be aware some of these units on various other sites are not designed for double-action airbrushes but GSW can, and they explain it in their product detail section. this one can without having to buy extra parts, It's ideal for those starting out in the hobby (airbrush and compressor from GSW will cost less than €100). Great product highly recommends. Regards Tomas.


    Good mobile compressor

    Great compressor to bring to meet-ups, conventions etc or just doing a quick job at home. Works good enough for priming miniatures, but I recommend using a thin paint.
    Very quiet and automatically stops pumping when not spraying. I recommend attaching a hose between the compressor and airbrush if possible, the connector is very sensitive to being tightened too much, and will reduce or stop the airflow.
    Also, while the compressor is small and light, it's still inconvenient for me to handle when screwed directly onto the airbrush.

    Only thing I'm missing would be a LED telling me when it's fully charged or running low on power.

    Great alternative for someone just getting started on airbrushing but doesn't want to or can't spend the money for a larger compressor.

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    great compressor

    I'm really happy to have an alternative for airbrushing everywhere with a vert silencious compressor, and portable. That's the best way for making base coats nearly anywhere. And théme battery last for 40 minutes which can be a very productive.

    It works.flawlessly so far. For 58€, what a great product.

    • 6 out of 6 people found this review useful.

    Works great, but with a few caveats.

    The device works really well. There's a limitation in that you can't control your air pressure. But that can be easily controlled by adjusting the thickness of your paints.

    The reason for the four star is the connection piece, which is oddly designed. The connection piece prevents you from tightening your airbrush too much. Doing so will cause the rubber grommets on the inside for the airbrush end to plug or severely limit airflow. You have to leave it lose enough that the airbrush can easily start spinning on the axel without your meaning to. I'll probably be looking into replacing this piece first. I live all the way in the USA, so obviously it's not worth claiming a defective and replacable part if the rest works.

    • 20 out of 20 people found this review useful.

    Casi perfecto

    Si bien no funciona tan bien como esos compresores capaces de alcanzar los 2 bares de presión (unos 30 PSI) va relativamente mejor que el típico elefantito (compresor pequeño típico de los kits de iniciación), no tiene cables y al poder acoplarselo al aerógrafo diréctamente, podemos usar nuestro aerógrafo como una pistola de pintura para por ejemplo pintar algún detalle en la pared de la caravana. Lo único que le falta para ser perfecto, es que la entrada de aire estuviese ligeramente inclinada para que así al apoyar el aerógrafo no se corriese el riesgo de que la pintura pueda ir hacia atrás, pero con que lo tengamos en cuenta, es suficiente para evitar accidentes.

    • 10 out of 11 people found this review useful.

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