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What is a display plinth for miniatures?

A miniatures display case is a platform used to show and stand out busts and other scale models. It is usually made of pure wood or MDF wood and is used to provide a stable and elevated base for the bust or model. The plinth serves to highlight the item and can also add a decorative touch to your paint job.

Plinths can be produced in various shapes, and sizes, materials and can be finished with different stains or paints to match the decor of the room or to complement the item being displayed. It can also have engraved or embossed designs to add visual interest.

Wooden bases are commonly used for busts, action figures, scale models, statues, and other collectibles. They can be used in homes, offices, museums, and other settings as a very attractive way of featuring prized items.

They can come in a variety of shapes, including rectangular, round, oval, square, hollow, with backdrops, with a cross-section and a support pin for busts, and simply custom-shaped to fit the specific dimensions and contours of your miniature or bust.

Miniature display cabinet

A very popular alternative is the miniature display cabinet, which is a type of stackable cabinet made of wood with different interior heights to be able to stack collectible figurines, toy cars, or other scale model pieces.

The miniature cabinets may come with glass doors or a clear acrylic lid to protect the items inside, although most of the time it is completely unnecessary since not touching the figures is more than enough.

Display case for miniatures

Acrylic display cases are popular for showcasing miniatures as they are lightweight, durable, and provide a clear view of the items inside. They can be made in various sizes and shapes to fit the miniatures and come in a variety of styles including freestanding, wall-mounted, or tabletop.

MDF ones are a more affordable option and are made from compressed wood fibers. They could be produced easily in many styles and sizes. 

Both acrylic and MDF types are readily available for purchase online at Green Stuff World.

How to combine wood display plinths with clear showcase

Combining both of them can be done in a few ways to create attractive and functional setups for miniatures.

Placing the plinth inside the showcase: You can place them inside each other to create a clear and sturdy base for your miniature. This way, the plinth serves as a stand for the miniature and is visible through the clear sides of the case.

Attaching the plinth to the base of the showcase: You can attach the wooden plinth to the base of the clear acrylic showcase using screws or adhesives. This creates a permanent connection between the plinth and the showcase, making the setup more stable.

Displaying the plinth and showcase side by side: You can also place the wooden plinth and the clear acrylic one side by side on a table or a shelf. This allows you to place the miniature on the plinth and also feature other additional items in the showcase.

Regardless of which option you choose, combining a wooden display plinth with a clear acrylic showcase can create a visually appealing and functional setup for your miniatures.

Best types of miniature display cases

The best type of miniature display case depends on your specific needs and preferences, but here are some popular options:

  • Acrylic Cases: These are popular for their clarity and durability. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be either freestanding or wall-mounted.
  • Glass Cases: These are a great option if you want to show off your miniatures from all angles, but they are quite heavy. They are also easy to clean and provide a clear view of the items inside.
  • MDF Cases: these are made of medium-density fiberboard, they are really cheap and available in many styles, and sizes.
  • Wooden Cases: These are a classic option and come in a variety of styles and finishes. They can be a good choice if you want a more traditional look.
  • Plastic Cases: These are lightweight and budget-friendly options. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are easy to clean.

Regardless of the type you choose, it's important to consider factors such as size, material, and style to ensure you select the best way of displaying miniatures that really meets your specific needs and preferences.