Imanes con Rotacion (N52)

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Imanes con Rotacion - Tamaño S


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Imanes con Rotacion - Tamaño S

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Imanes con Rotacion - Tamaño S

Recomendado para: Tie Figther, Tie Interceptor, Tie Advanced, X Wing, Y Wing, A Wing, etc...


- 15 imanes 3,5mm
- 15 bolas de acero 5mm

Magnetización: N52
Material: NdFeB
Revestimiento: Niquelado (Ni-Cu-Ni)

Los imanes de neodimio son el tipo de imán permanente más potente disponible en el mercado. Han reemplazado otros tipos de imanes en las muchas aplicaciones modernas que requieren fuertes magnéticas permanentes.





Great stuff

I installed them the other way around btw.

Like, cut the tip of the peg and glue the magnet to it. And glue the ball to the bottom of the ship.

I didn't even see the instructions, but my version might be better for the center of mass (not sure though).

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Not as strong as I would like, but they work

These work great, but I use them for 40k and it would be nicer if the magnets were a stronger caliber.

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B wing

Trop faible pour le b wing

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Perfect for small X-Wing ships

I picked these up for my X-Wing Miniatures.

I've used them very successfully on an A-Wing, E-Wing, and Z-95 headhunter. No issues at all.

I also used them on my B-Wing... And found that the B-Wing was just a little too heavy, and a little too off-center... And the magnets didn't have as much grip as I'd like. I've remedied this by adding a thing coating of Plasti Dip.

Terrific magnets. Will happily buy again.

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