Aimants Rotatifs (N52)

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Aimants Rotatifs - taille S


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Aimants Rotatifs - taille S

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Aimants Rotatifs - taille S

Recommandé pour:Tie Figther, Tie Interceptor, Tie Advanced, X Wing, Y Wing, A Wing, etc...

Ce pack comprend:
- 15 aimants 3,5mm
- 15 billes d'acier 5mm





Great stuff

I installed them the other way around btw.

Like, cut the tip of the peg and glue the magnet to it. And glue the ball to the bottom of the ship.

I didn't even see the instructions, but my version might be better for the center of mass (not sure though).

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Not as strong as I would like, but they work

These work great, but I use them for 40k and it would be nicer if the magnets were a stronger caliber.

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B wing

Trop faible pour le b wing

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Perfect for small X-Wing ships

I picked these up for my X-Wing Miniatures.

I've used them very successfully on an A-Wing, E-Wing, and Z-95 headhunter. No issues at all.

I also used them on my B-Wing... And found that the B-Wing was just a little too heavy, and a little too off-center... And the magnets didn't have as much grip as I'd like. I've remedied this by adding a thing coating of Plasti Dip.

Terrific magnets. Will happily buy again.

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