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SkullGlue Cement para plásticos


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Adhesivo SkullGlue Cement para plásticos - Formato Edición Especial


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Pegamento para plásticos

Adhesivo rápido para plásticos de modelismo de fórmula extra fluida. Secado rápido y sin restos.

Este pegamento te permitirá unificar todos tus pegamentos para plásticos en un único producto, permitiendo pegar los plásticos más comunes del modelismo entre ellos. Aprovecha esta edición especial en frasco de cristal con forma de calavera. 

Válido para los siguientes tipos de plásticos: Poliestireno PE, ABS, metacrilato y PVC.


1x bote cristal con forma de cráneo con 15ml
1x pincel aplicador

*Solo para plásticos, no utilizar con otros materiales.
**Rápida evaporación, aplicar y pegar las piezas sin demora.




Old school smell

I bought this on a whim, usually use plastic glue gel from Games Workshop but had run out. Glad I did as this stuff being a liquid applied with a brush bonds my wargames figures and terrain in seconds, no holding it for a little while to allow the large blob of glue you have used to cure and melt the plastics.
Plus the smell...! It takes me back to being 8 years old making Airfix planes with my friend in his dads shed, awesome.


    Works great

    Smells like death... fitting with the skull design. I'm currently looking into getting a fume mask.
    Brush is a bit big but easy to work with. Evaporates really quickly, you can't brush glue on multiple objects in conveyor belt style assembly because when you get to the 5th object the first one won't stick anymore.
    Bonds very well.

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    Great product

    Not gonna lie, I got this because of the skull design. The unique bottle is perfectly sculpted and worth the purchase alone, then you go to use the actual glue and BAM that is where it really shines. It has a great hold that doesn't need to be clamped together to stay, it isnt super thin and runny or extra thick and goopy, the brush applicator provides excellent control of use. Buy this glue with confidence.

    • 14 out of 14 people found this review useful.

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