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¡Precio rebajado! Imprimación Negro Mate 60ml

Imprimación Negro Mate 60ml


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Válido para pincel y aerógrafo.

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Imprimación Negro Mate 60ml

Pintura para imprimación de poliuretano al agua. Aplicar con pincel o aerógrafo sobre una superficie limpia y seca (plásticos, madera, metales, etc). Acabado super mate de secado rápido y de extraordinaria dureza y resistencia que no oculta los detalles.

Contenido: 60 ml



Best primer

This is the best acrylic thinner I have tried, very resilient and easy to apply. I like the matte finish, great for applying paint afterwards.


    5 star paint, 1 star bottle.

    I would absolutely give this paint 5 stars.
    It goes on great, straight from the bottle or thinned, it's a pleasure to use with air brush and paint brush. It dries flat and clean without obscuring detail, it is incredibly matt with so little light reflection it looks like a special effect!
    Is beautiful to apply paint to and is not so dark that it brings the shade of your base coat down,
    After 30 years of miniature painting this will be my go to under coat for the foreseeable future.
    However.... Please Please check the dripper top is well moulded and not deceptively sealed closed as was the case with two of the bottles in my order (the other 8 all fine) because when the slightest pressure is applied and because the paint has nowhere to go, you will be facing quite an upsetting clean up job.
    In short Amazing paint in a substandard bottle.

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    Will probably work better with lacquer thinner, but I used water (was out of thinner) to dilute it for the airbrush and it still worked great. Offered great coverage without filling in details. Paint stuck to it well.

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